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Free Vegetable Plants from Burpee Home Gardens

Earlier I blogged about the national expansion of the Burpee Home Gardens program that is geared to first time gardeners, younger gardeners in particular, who are interested in growing some of their own food. To offer support for this new crop of gardens Burpee Home Gardens set up a  website with gardening tips, a Twitter... Read more »

Vegetables and Herbs for a Sunny Garden

Last year when I visited the organic rooftop farm at Uncommon Ground on Devon the farm manager at the time mentioned that growing on the roof posed several challenges. The rooftop farm is exposed to full sun and it gets very hot up there. This year, while planning the garden on the back porch I... Read more »

Chicago French Market

The Chicago French Market is a year-round, indor marketplace where you can shop from local artisans. Chicago French Market is located in the West Loop in the new MetraMarke development at 131 N. Clinton. Plant lovers who like to eat plants should check out the market for some unsual fruits and veggies. There’s also a... Read more »

The State Flower of Illinois

The official state flower of Illinois is the common violet, Viola sororia. It was adopted as State Flower in 1908 and you can read about how that came to be, here. Every year I get a little overzealous with the weed pulling in the spring and start pulling them out of the garden after either forgetting that... Read more »

Chicago Flower and Garden Show: Speakers

You can avoid the crowds by attending the Chicago Flower and Garden Show after work or in the evenings, it is open until 8PM on weekdays. Here are a few lectures that start at 6:15PM that Chicago and urban gardeners should catch.  Monday, March 8. Mike Nowak. Readings from the shady Side of Gardening. Tuesday,... Read more »

Garden Book: Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail

Before the term “garden blog” was even coined there was Gayla Trail’s You Grow Girl. A few years back when I discovered the internet was good for things besides playing online games I stumbled upon You Grow Girl. While the site and blog seemed to be populated mostly by hip, urban and crafty young women,... Read more »

Burpee Home Gardens aims for Twitpic Gardeners

On a beautiful summer day a happy young woman walks through her lush garden with a basket in her hand. While surveying the paradise that she’s created for herself she notices that her tomato plants are crowded with delicious red tomatoes. The look of contentment on her face turns to sheer joy at the sight... Read more »

Garden Books: Gifts for Gardeners

Garden books make great gifts for the gardener on your holiday list. Here are a couple of recently published books I recommend that you can find at the local bookstore. 1.Container Gardens: 50 Recipes for Year-Round Gardening by P. Allen Smith. Reviewed here on this blog. Great for urban gardeners/container gardeners. 2. The Garden of... Read more »

Heirloom Vegetables

Want to grow some heirloom vegetables and protect them being lost forever? Growing just a few in your own backyard can make a big difference. Here are some suggestions from two gardeners I follow on Twitter. ASPARAGUS: Mary Washington, Jersey. LETTUCE:  Amish Deer Tongue Lettuce, Grandpa Admirer’s, Speckled, Black Seeded Simpson.  PEPPERS: Datil, Fish, Giant... Read more »

Cook County Sheriff's Boot Camp Vegetable Garden

Cool video segment from ABC 7 of the vegetable garden at the Cook County Sheriff’s boot camp where cadets 17- to 35-years-old who are serving sentences for non-violent and non-sexual crimes maintain a vegetable garden. The cadets are taught about gardening and agriculture from staff of the Chicago Botanic Garden.