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Ride With Radish For One Seed Chicago 2011

Ride With Radish For One Seed Chicago 2011
Politics is a dirty sport, and politics don’t get dirtier than in Chicago. “Vote early and vote often” is a phrase you hear said a lot during an election cycle. Most of the time it is said tongue-in-cheek, but you know that deep down some people really mean it. As someone who works on NeighborSpace’s... Read more »

"Mobile Food Collective" Rolls into Chicago to Support Urban Farming

Mobile Unit. Pic courtesy of the MFC team. Click to enlage. How do you motivate and make it easier for Chicagoans to grow their own food? That’s the problem students at Archeworks, the one-year design program in Chicago that focuses on social and environmental urban design, were tasked with finding a solution to. They were... Read more »

Chicago French Market

The Chicago French Market is a year-round, indor marketplace where you can shop from local artisans. Chicago French Market is located in the West Loop in the new MetraMarke development at 131 N. Clinton. Plant lovers who like to eat plants should check out the market for some unsual fruits and veggies. There’s also a... Read more »

Urban Farming Classes in Chicago Fall '09

There are several urban farming classes/workshops in Chicago this fall that can help you extend the growing season or help you get prepared for next spring. Here are some opportunities that have landed in my inbox recently. Cold frames There’s a cold frame building workday-October 14th, 4-7p.m. at Uncommon Ground on Devon. Techniques for building... Read more »

Vegetable Garden at Cook County Jail

Cook County Jail Vegetable Garden. (Panorama-click to enlarge) The last place you expect to see a vegetable garden is behind tall fences topped off with razor wire, but at the Cook County Jail there is a 13 thousand square-foot vegetable garden grown by inmates. This vegetable garden is a joint effort by The Cook County... Read more »

One Seed Chicago Show & Tell

It is time for the One Seed Chicago Show & Tell. One Seed Chicago is asking that all of you participants and bean growers send in photos of your largest beans, creative bean support structures and anything else related to One Seed Chicago or growing beans. Submissions must be photo or video that can be... Read more »

Chicago TomatoFest 2009: Old School BLT's & Free Wine

Today is the first day of the BLT Bonanza brought to you by the people from Chicago TomatoFest and they’re having a Twitter contest where you could win a free bottle of wine from Candid Wines and Green Grocer Chicago. For a list of restaurants where you can eat an Old School BLT and for... Read more »

Urban Foraging

Recently while grocery shopping I came across a homeless man who was foraging, for lack of a better term, in the produce section of the grocery store. Soon I was following the man as he walked around and ate, heartily, from the displays of fruits and vegetables. Other people in the store didn’t register him... Read more »

Prickly Pear Cactus and Nopales

Opuntia humifusa is a cactus native to the U.S. It has a clump-forming growth pattern. The flowers are a beautiful yellow with slightly reddish center and flat, green pads that have clusters of barbed bristles. I’ve been thinking of growing it ever since I spotted it at the Rick Bayless urban/edible garden. I don’t really... Read more »

Potager: French Kitchen Garden

The potager garden is the counterpart to the English kitchen garden and different than a Victory Garden. Victory Gardens date back to World War I and World War II and were planted in an effort to reduce the demand on the public food supply and were also propaganda to boost the morale of the nations... Read more »