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President Obama Head Planter

On the first day of the IGC Show I spotted what looked like, from a distance,  a head pot of former President George W. Bush. The second day of the show I made sure to get a close-up view of the head planter in question and was surprised to learn that the head was actually... Read more »

Independent Garden Center Show: Garden Pots

If you were a buyer for an independent garden center and you were in the market for large pots and modern, indoor and outdoor planters for the Gen Y crowd the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 was an embarrassment of riches. I couldn’t believe the size of some of these pots, they were large enough... Read more »

Independent Garden Center Show: Small Space Gardens

Some gardening products from the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 to make gardening in urban and small spaces, like balconies, decks and patios easier. While they make looks like they are better suited for utilitarian gardens, like vegetable gardens, there’s no reason why these couldn’t be used to grow purely ornamental gardens. The images above... Read more »

Water and Money- Saving Tip for Large Garden Planters

Over the weekend I scored some large planters really cheap. When I got home I realized that math is not my forte. I had purchased ingredients to mix my own potting soil but I didn’t have enough of the ingredients to make a potting mix for both planters because they are so large. The plants... Read more »

Chile Pepper Garden

Back in May I was asked to write something for a gardening newsletter and while doing so a long forgotten memory came back to me. I can’t remember exactly how old I was, but I was a lot younger than I am today and had just emptied the contents of my piggy bank and headed... Read more »