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Chicago's Sustainable Backyard Program Workshop for Retailers

Last year I wrote an article for GapersBlock on the Chicago Sustainable Backyard Program. While researching the article I called up several of the independent garden centers in Chicago as if I was a customer and asked the people answering about the Sustainable Backyard Program. I discovered that not only were residents unaware of the... Read more »

Tour des Trees 2010 Kicks Off in Millennium Park

Tour des Trees 2010 Kicks Off in Millennium Park
The 2010 STIHL Tour des Trees, a cross-country cycling tour and fundraisinng event for tree research and education, will leave from Chicago’s Millennium Park on July 18. The 2009 Tour des Trees raised $441,000 in donation and sponsorships. Mike Nowak, host of WCPT’s The Mike Nowak Show, will be the MC for the on-site festivities and... Read more »

Eastern Cottonwood Tree Seeds

Over the weekend Chicago became inundated with millions of seeds for the eastern cottonwood tree. Perhaps the fuzzy seeds floating around Chicago managed to get lodged in your hair, face or food if you happened to be eating outside. The seeds for populus deltoides, one of North America’s largest hardwood trees, can become a nuisance in... Read more »

African "Sausage Tree" Fruiting at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Kigela africana, or Sausage Tree, is a native of the southeastern region of Africa. This is the second year the tree has set fruit at the Lincoln Park Conervatory, the picture in this post is from last year. The fruits can weigh as much as 20 pounds each and measure 2 feet long. The tree... Read more »

Tree Watering Bags

A visitor asked me what the plastic green bags around trees all over Chicago were for. I took this picture of a tree wrapped in one such bag in the Loop recently. Like the pop bottle drip irrigation setup, these green plastic bags are filled with water that is slowly delivered to the root ball.... Read more »