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Burpee's Community Garden Grant Application 2012

Burpee is now accepting applications for their “I Can Grow” Youth Garden Award, which is now in its third year. The “I Can Grow” program supports urban school and community garden in cities across the country. For 2012 the “I Can Grow” Youth Gardenn Award will be presented to an established or start-up school and... Read more »

Burpee Home Gardens Giving Away Free Plants on May13th at Union Station

Burpee Home Gardens Giving Away Free Plants on May13th at Union Station
Burpee Home Gardens is giving away free vegetable and herb plants again in Chicago on May 13th, 2011. Racks of vegetable and herb plants will line Riverside Plaza as the a team from Burpee Home Gardens and Lowe’s distribute the plants. Location: Outside the north entrance to Union Station 10 S. Riverside Plaza, Chicago Between... Read more »

Can You Trust Burpee Seeds?

Can You Trust Burpee Seeds?
George Ball Jr. Photo courtesy of Burpee Seed Company Soon after the holiday season officially ended I started to receive a lot of questions about seed buying, seed catalogs and seed sources. The questions came through email, on Facebook and through Twitter. The number of questions wasn’t what was surprising, what struck me was the number of... Read more »

Free Vegetable Plants from Burpee Home Gardens

Earlier I blogged about the national expansion of the Burpee Home Gardens program that is geared to first time gardeners, younger gardeners in particular, who are interested in growing some of their own food. To offer support for this new crop of gardens Burpee Home Gardens set up a  website with gardening tips, a Twitter... Read more »

Burpee Home Gardens aims for Twitpic Gardeners

On a beautiful summer day a happy young woman walks through her lush garden with a basket in her hand. While surveying the paradise that she’s created for herself she notices that her tomato plants are crowded with delicious red tomatoes. The look of contentment on her face turns to sheer joy at the sight... Read more »