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Triscuit's Home Farming Movement

Triscuit's Home Farming Movement
Triscuit’s Home Farming Movement is encouraging Americans to get involved in edible gardening by providing a free seed card in specially marked boxes of Triscuit crackers. The Original Triscuit package contains a basil seed card and the Reduced Fat Triscuit box comes with a dill seeds. Earlier this spring I blogged on the MrBrownThumb blog... Read more »

"Mobile Food Collective" Rolls into Chicago to Support Urban Farming

Mobile Unit. Pic courtesy of the MFC team. Click to enlage. How do you motivate and make it easier for Chicagoans to grow their own food? That’s the problem students at Archeworks, the one-year design program in Chicago that focuses on social and environmental urban design, were tasked with finding a solution to. They were... Read more »

Sustainable Mother's Day gifts for Chicago Gardeners

With Mother’s Day just around the corner you may be in search of a perfect local, socially conscious or sustainable gift for the Chicago gardening mom in your life. Here are my recommendations for three such gifts.  The Chicago Honey Co-op is Chicago’s urban bee farm that provides jobs and job training in urban agriculture to the under-employed... Read more »

Urban Chickens in Chicago

Did you catch the backyard chicken segment on Chicago Tonight? Rich Samuels profiles four people in the Chicago area that keep backyard chickens. Linda Nellett Northwest side of Chicago, Juliet Martinez, Southwest side of Chicago, Helen Standen of OakPark and Laurie Zoloth  of Evanston. Laurie Zoloth, bioethicist at Northwestern University, is currently violating Evanston’s ordinance... Read more »

Why we can't Afford to bring an Urban Farmer to Chicago

On August 19th GapersBlock posted Bring an Urban Farmer to Chicago. It was a call to drum up support to bring Novella Carpenter, author of Farm City, to Chicago to teach workshops about urban farming. I’ve read nothing but good things about Farm City and I’m sure Ms. Carpenter is a very nice person who... Read more »

One Seed Chicago Show & Tell

It is time for the One Seed Chicago Show & Tell. One Seed Chicago is asking that all of you participants and bean growers send in photos of your largest beans, creative bean support structures and anything else related to One Seed Chicago or growing beans. Submissions must be photo or video that can be... Read more »

Independent Garden Center Show: Small Space Gardens

Some gardening products from the Independent Garden Center Show 2009 to make gardening in urban and small spaces, like balconies, decks and patios easier. While they make looks like they are better suited for utilitarian gardens, like vegetable gardens, there’s no reason why these couldn’t be used to grow purely ornamental gardens. The images above... Read more »

Cook County Sheriff's Boot Camp Vegetable Garden

Cool video segment from ABC 7 of the vegetable garden at the Cook County Sheriff’s boot camp where cadets 17- to 35-years-old who are serving sentences for non-violent and non-sexual crimes maintain a vegetable garden. The cadets are taught about gardening and agriculture from staff of the Chicago Botanic Garden.

Wood Street Urban Farm in Englewood

The Wood Street Urban Farm is a USDA Certified organic production farm in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. It was started in 1992 by Les Brown, Director of Policy for the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, who passed away in 2005, as a training program for the homeless and jobless. Today, the Wood Street Urban Farm employs... Read more »

Wooden Tomato Cage

Came across this, obviously, homemade tomato cage the other day. Looks like something John McCain would’ve spent some time in during the Vietnam War. The support structure made of; scrap pieces of wood, string and wire, isn’t going to win any prizes for structural engineering, but it looks like it is getting the job done... Read more »