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Blossom-end rot of Tomato Plants

Blossom-end rot is a tomato disorder that I’ve been asked about a couple of times on Twitter and via Email. It isn’t a disease caused by garden pests or something transmitted through infected plants. Blossom-end rot generally occurs when a developing tomato fruit doesn’t get the necessary amount of calcium. Fertilizing your tomatoes may not... Read more »

Wooden Tomato Cage

Came across this, obviously, homemade tomato cage the other day. Looks like something John McCain would’ve spent some time in during the Vietnam War. The support structure made of; scrap pieces of wood, string and wire, isn’t going to win any prizes for structural engineering, but it looks like it is getting the job done... Read more »

"Show Me Your Tomatoes!" Contest

Came across this tweet by Heelss  that I’d been meaning to share, about a tomato contest being hosted by Cafe Ba Ba Reeba. It is a competition to see who has the largest, heaviest or ugliest homegrown tomato at the 4th Annual “Show Me Your Tomatoes!” Contest. It will be held on August 22nd 2009.... Read more »

How to Stake Tomato Plants

Photo courtesy of In the post on determinate and indeterminate tomatoes it was recommended to stake indeterminate tomatoes. But even determinate tomatoes could benefit from being stakes and supported. The main reason for staking and supporting tomato plants is to keep the plants and fruit off the ground and lessen the chance of transmitting... Read more »

What are "Determinate" and "Indeterminate" Tomatoes?

Buying a tomato plant is a little like buying a dog; the more you know ahead of time about the type the happier you’ll be later.  In the dog world, the first question is “pure bred” or “rescue”.  With tomatoes, the first question is “determinate” or “indeterminate”.  With a pure bred puppy, you’ll know the... Read more »

Chicago Tomato Fest 2009

Michael Thompson (right) of Chicago Honey Coop & Damien Casten (left) of Candid Wines discuss heirloom tomatoes at Chicago Tomato Fest Plant Sale Slow Food Chicago, Candid Wines and the Chicago Honey Coop are having two plants sales where Chicagoland gardeners will have the opportunity to purchase heirloom tomato plants. Heirloom tomatoes are plants that... Read more »