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How to Pollinate an Amaryllis Flower

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Here’s  garden video I made show how I pollinate Amaryllis bulbs in my indoor garden. These big, unique blooms are a perfect way to get started with pollinating blooms by hand to produce seeds. It’s easy to transfer pollen from the anthers to the stigma of an Amaryllis. You’ll see what the Amaryllis seed pods... Read more »

How to Collect Columbine Flower Seeds

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It’s not even summer yet, but I’m already collecting seeds in the garden. The first seed pods to ripen and open up are for my columbine flowers. I made this short video showing how easy it is to gather seeds from these flowers.

Propagating Plants Through Cuttings

Propagating plants through cuttings and growing them inside during the winter to plant out in your garden next spring is an easy way to save a few dollars. When I started gardening taking cuttings, or clippings as some call it, always intimidated me until I discovered how easy it was to do. For this example... Read more »

Recycle Garden Annuals as Houseplants

Coleus, begonia and “Purple Queen.” Slightly larger pic if you click to enlarge. Frugal gardeners have long known that they can save a few bucks overwintering tender annuals indoors to be used in the garden next spring. Annuals generally live for only one growing season before going to seed and dying, but many of the... Read more »

Collecting Seeds in the Garden

Seed saving season in the garden is underway and I thought I’d share some tips that I find useful when trying to save seeds for next year. The first thing I’d recommend for a new frugal gardener to do is start an Emergency Seed Saving Kit. You can place this kit in the glove compartment... Read more »

How To Hybridize Daylilies in Your Garden

In this post I’m going to use really simple language and not go into much detail, if you need clarification or more info we can talk in the comments section. I will provide some links at the end if you’d like to delve further into the world of hybridizing daylilies. One of the ways you... Read more »