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Native Plant Sales & Wildlife Gardening Workshops in Chicago 04/12

Native Plant Sales & Wildlife Gardening Workshops in Chicago 04/12
  Don’t care much about growing vegetables in your Chicago garden? Are you one of the many Chicagoans that are annoyed by the yearly planting of annuals and tropical plants that will die or be composted in the fall because they don’t survive winters in Chicago? Maybe gardening with native plants is for you. THE... Read more »

Tropical Hibiscus Mistake

Tropical Hibiscus Mistake
From my window I can see into my neighbor’s garden that they started this year. I’ve been admiring a tropical hibiscus they planted because it has been blooming and the flaming red flower screams out for admiration. From the sidewalk the blooming shrub is hidden by a morning glory vine that has ensconced their fence.... Read more »

Organic Greenhouse Perennial Giveaway

On Tuesday, October 13, 2009 the Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse will receive a donation of 1,000 1 gallon perennials plants from Elite Growers to distribute to gardeners and community gardeners in Chicago. Kilbourn Park Organic Greenhouse needs volunteers to help upload the truck starting at 10 a.m. From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. the plants... Read more »

Where to Buy Spring Bulbs for Your Garden

I did a quick tour of Home Depot and Menards to see what they were selling this year in terms of spring garden bulbs. These are the bulbs, corms and rhizomes, you plant between now and before the ground freezes, that will bloom in the spring. Home Depot had the standard fare like tulips, daffodils,... Read more »

Daylilies Blooming at Chicago Garden

It is daylily season in the garden right now and I thought I’d share some photos from the daylilies putting on a show in the garden. Most of these daylilies I don’t have names for because they were given to me by a gardener but even without names they are pretty nice to look it.... Read more »

Prickly Pear Cactus and Nopales

Opuntia humifusa is a cactus native to the U.S. It has a clump-forming growth pattern. The flowers are a beautiful yellow with slightly reddish center and flat, green pads that have clusters of barbed bristles. I’ve been thinking of growing it ever since I spotted it at the Rick Bayless urban/edible garden. I don’t really... Read more »

Iris Borer Larva

I took advantage of the cool weather yesterday to go some gardening chores I’d put off for a while. One of the things on my agenda was moving a large clump of irises to the other side of the garden. Earlier in the spring I got my first indication that something was wrong with my... Read more »

Blooming In My Garden 7/09/09

Lately, I’ve been meeting a number of gardeners and when I mention that I maintain a couple of garden blogs they’ve ask: “Do you have a garden or just blog about it?” So, I present to you a few photographs of what is blooming in garden as proof that I actually have a garden. The... Read more »

Orange Daylily

Different people mark the beginning of summer in a variety of different ways. Joe The Cop, fellow CN blogger, may note it by the increase of arrests he makes. I mark the beginning of summer by the arrival of the common orange daylily. I don’t care what the calendars say, I don’t care how many... Read more »