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Seed Starting Workshop Tonight in Chicago

Free seed starting workshop tonight in Chicago at Luther Memorial Church hosted by the Manor Garden Club. The garden club’s meetings are held in the lower level of the church and start at 7:30pm. I’ll be talking about and demonstrating how to start seeds. If you want to bring your own seeds and seed starting... Read more »

Treehugger can't tell Mexicans from Cambodians when Defending School Gardens

I’ve been reading most of the articles and garden blogger attempts to counter the article by Caitlin Flanagan, that I think is a hilarious burn, in The Atlantic. Most of them seem to be emotionally based reactions with lots of pom poms, but offer very little of the defense the titles promise. After speaking briefly... Read more »

Is Alice Waters "Cultivating Failure" with Edible Schoolyard Program?

I believe that gardens are good things; I believe that exposing kids to gardening and other outdoor activities are good things–I believe this with every fiber of my being. Yet, I think the article Cultivating Failure by Caitlin Flanagan for The Atlantic is a thing of genius. If you’re a fan of Alice Waters you... Read more »

Illinois Rain Garden & Schoolyard Habitat Grant

Two grant programs available to Illinois residents that have deadlines of November 30, 2009. The first is the Rain Garden Initiative. If you’re a teacher or youth group leader who wants to engage kids by teaching them about wildlife habitat, see the Illinois Schoolyard Habitat Action Grant Program. Another opportunity for teachers (includes home-schooling teachers)... Read more »

One Seed Chicago Show & Tell

It is time for the One Seed Chicago Show & Tell. One Seed Chicago is asking that all of you participants and bean growers send in photos of your largest beans, creative bean support structures and anything else related to One Seed Chicago or growing beans. Submissions must be photo or video that can be... Read more »

Butterfly Photography at Chicago Garden

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a professional photographer, but every once in a while I take a photograph in the garden that I like. Last week was a pretty good day for butterfly photography in the garden. I managed to get a couple of photographs of butterflies that I liked. Here... Read more »

Biennials and How to Make Hollyhock Dolls

Biennials are plants that complete their growing cycle in two growing seasons. They are different than annuals and perennials in that in the first year they grow only roots, leaves and stems. In the second year they flower and form seed pods if pollinated, then the plants die. If you grow biennials it is a... Read more »

Butterfly Gardening

Gardening for butterflies is a lot different than gardening to attract bees to your garden in Chicago. Butterflies need two kinds of plants; host plants that butterflies can lay eggs on and the caterpillars can eat on and nectar plants that butterflies can feed upon. To be honest, I never set out to attract butterflies... Read more »

Green Box: Container Garden Idea 2

While visiting the Farmers Market at Uncommon Ground on Devon I came across the Green Box by City Farm. City Farm’s Green Box is a portable garden that allows you to grow some of your own produce in small spaces. It is a perfect container garden for apartment dwellers who may only have a porch,... Read more »

Grow a Pizza Garden

Pizza, like money, doesn’t grow on trees–but you can grow a pizza garden and grow some of your own pizza ingredients for some delicious homemade pizzas. A pizza garden is also a great way for you to involve kids in the garden and they benefit from learning about cooking and seeing that pizzas don’t magically... Read more »