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Indoor Sculpture Garden Opens in the Loop

Thumbnail image for 'Indoor Sculpture Garden Opens in the Loop'
Yesterday’s weather in Chicago was gorgeous. I even managed to get lunch from a food truck and eat it in a plaza under the shade of some trees, and with the last of the tulips blooming. Today’s weather doesn’t look as nice, but you can still have lunch in a park even if it rains.... Read more »

Blog Updates and Chicago Garden Events This Weekend

They’ve been making some updates to ChicagoNow and one of them is RSS feeds. You can subscribe to this blog via RSS by clicking this link. Alternately, you can enter your email in the Email subscription box on the left. It is powered by Feedburner and you’ll only get Emails with news posts here. You... Read more »

How to Recycle a Live Christmas Tree in Chicago

How to Recycle a Live Christmas Tree in Chicago
Even though Chicago offers a Christmas tree recycling program where live Christmas trees can be dropped off at 23 locations, I noticed this weekend that some in my neighborhood aren’t taking advantage of the drop-off service. Trees are appearing in empty lots and alleys where they’re leaned up against trashcans, providing easy access to food... Read more »

One Seed Chicago Show & Tell

It is time for the One Seed Chicago Show & Tell. One Seed Chicago is asking that all of you participants and bean growers send in photos of your largest beans, creative bean support structures and anything else related to One Seed Chicago or growing beans. Submissions must be photo or video that can be... Read more »

President Obama Head Planter

On the first day of the IGC Show I spotted what looked like, from a distance,  a head pot of former President George W. Bush. The second day of the show I made sure to get a close-up view of the head planter in question and was surprised to learn that the head was actually... Read more »

Garden Tools and Plants at Independent Garden Center Show

The last post about the Independent Garden Center Show here at Chicago Garden. Garden pots outnumbered plants and a tools at the show, but I spotted a few that I liked.  Echinacea ‘Mac N Cheese’ and Echinacea ‘Tomato Soup’ pictured above. Anyone else hungry? I’m told that in Chicago they will be (or already are)... Read more »

What Kind of ivy Grows at Wrigley Field?

Parthenocissus Tricuspidata, commonly known as Boston Ivy is a member of the grape family. It is also known as Japanese creeper, Grape Ivy or Japanese ivy. This is the ivy that covers the outfield wall at Wrigley Field. Boston Ivy should not be confused with English Ivy, Hedera helix, or any hybrids, especially if you... Read more »

Garden Gate, Fence and Bench Made from Tree Limbs

Whenever I see the remains of trees that have fallen or been cut down my mind immediately starts wondering what I can turn them into in the garden. The inspiration rarely leads to anything beyond those few moments where I envision, a bench, fence or trellis made from twigs and branches at home in my... Read more »

Sunken Planters: Container Garden Idea 5

Came across these two planters sunken into a raised bed below the organic rooftop farm. You generally see planters standing upright, so when I saw these two in the soil and at an angle- they caught my eye. Strawberries are growing inside the two pots and they look more interesting growing in this method than... Read more »

Biennials and How to Make Hollyhock Dolls

Biennials are plants that complete their growing cycle in two growing seasons. They are different than annuals and perennials in that in the first year they grow only roots, leaves and stems. In the second year they flower and form seed pods if pollinated, then the plants die. If you grow biennials it is a... Read more »