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Free Rain Barrels at Shedd Aquarium 9-15-12

The Shedd Aquarium is giving away 50 rain barrels on Saturday, September 15. Here are the details from the website: Start Time: 10:00 a.m. Location: Shedd Aquarium’s loading dock/service entrance Limit of one rain barrel per person. As quantity is limited, rain barrels will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Rain barrels will... Read more »

Plant Giveaways at Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Summer Events program for 2012  has been release.  There are a lot of activities and events on schedule, but being a frugal gardener this piece of the press release jumped out. I thought I would share it with you all. Plant Giveaways – Wednesdays through Sundays, continuing through October 7 In... Read more »

Free Tulip Bulbs in Chicago 2012

Free Tulip Bulbs in Chicago 2012
Have you ever wondered what becomes of all those tulips you see planted in parks and planters around the Loop? Maybe you’ve seen them being planted or being taken out after the blooms have faded and thought that they’re just trashed or composted. The truth is that every spring the City of Chicago and Chicago... Read more »

Food Grade Buckets in Chicago For Growing Potatoes.

A reader to the mrbrownthumb garden blog Emailed me today to give me a tip on sourcing food grade buckets in Chicago for growing potatoes. I grow potatoes in buckets and trashcans, but never bothered to do so in food grade plastics. The tipster, Bonnie, notes: “Growing potatoes in buckets: Since you live in the Chicago... Read more »

Spring Plant Sale at Rogers Park Garden Group

The Rogers Park Garden Group Spring Plant Sale will be held on Sunday, June 13, 2010. Among the plants being offered will be organic vegetables like tomatoes and various herbs. Ornamental plants for sunny and shady gardens include clematis vines, climbing hydrangeas, Asiatic lilies, peonies, sunflowers and many more annuals. Prices for plants range from $2.00 to $10.00 with... Read more »

Seedling and Plant Sales in Chicago: April/May 2010

These seedling and plant sales are hosted by community gardens, garden clubs or organizations around Chicago and are a way to raise funds to operate various programs. Instead of purchasing all of your plants from Chicago garden centers or big box stores, consider spreading some of your dollars locally with groups that make a difference... Read more »

"Cover Chicago Garden in Black Plastic"

While looking over the stats for my MrBrownThumb garden blog I noticed that someone recently visited after searching for, “cover Chicago garden in black plastic.” The gardener must have been looking for information on weed deterrents. I’ve seen people use black plastic bags, which are different than the landscaping plastic you’ll find at your local... Read more »

Sprout Home Plant Sale '09

Stopped by Sprout Home’s plant sale yesterday to see what kind of deals they had. Here is what I discovered: Herbs 50% offSummer Annuals 75%Trees and Shrubs 25%-50% off70 of their larger trees are 50% offPerennials 25% offOutdoor gardening tools 25% off The dwarf conifers and evergreens at 25% off are probably the best deal... Read more »

City Escape Plant Sale '09

Visited City Escape yesterday to see what they had on sale. Here is what I spotted: Annuals 50% offHanging baskets 50% offHerbs 50% offBlooming tropicals 75% offPerennials 25% off If the tropical hibiscus growing as standard topiaries are part of the “blooming tropicals” sale then they have to be the best deal I saw. They... Read more »

Wal-Mart Would 'Rollback' Cost of Gardening in Chatham

I love Chicago’s garden centers as much as the next gardener, but they are too far away from where I live to make shopping there convenient. As nice as they are the prices n. As much as I would like to support these independent garden centers it really isn’t within my budget to do so... Read more »