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Hull-House Kitchen: Re-thinking Soup

They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but the Hull-House Museum is providing just that at the historic Residents’ Dining Hall next door. The dining hall was once the meeting place for social reformers like: Upton Sinclair, Ida B. Wells, W.E.B Duboise and Gertrude Stein. Building on the legacy of Jane... Read more »

An Uncommon Rooftop Farm in Chicago

To see Chicago’s first certified organic rooftop farm you’ll have to look up. This urban farm is situated on the roof of Uncommon Ground, 1401 W. Devon Ave. The farm’s director, Natalie Pfister, attended a Slow Food Benefit Dinner last August, right after the rooftop farm was put in place by Helen Cameron Michael Cameron,... Read more »

Green Box: Container Garden Idea 2

While visiting the Farmers Market at Uncommon Ground on Devon I came across the Green Box by City Farm. City Farm’s Green Box is a portable garden that allows you to grow some of your own produce in small spaces. It is a perfect container garden for apartment dwellers who may only have a porch,... Read more »

Chicago Gardener Events June '09

June 5th: The last of the heirloom tomato plant sales for Chicago Tomato Fest 2009 is being held at Uncommon Ground on Devon. 4-8 PM. June 6th: The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden presents; Rooftop Beekeeping in Chicago: The Confluence of Culture and Nature. Michael Thompson, farm manager for Chicago Honey Co-op with Dr.... Read more »

Espalier: Create An Urban Orchard

Years ago I went through a topiary phase, during this phase I decided I would focus strictly on topiaries. At the time I picked up the book The Complete Book of Topiary by Deborah Reich. I believe the book it out of print now but you may come across it in a used book store... Read more »

Rick Bayless' Urban Edible Garden

Over the weekend I participated in a tour of Rick Bayless’ Urban/Edible garden with a group of garden bloggers from across the country that were visiting Chicago. I don’t think the word ‘garden’ does Rick’s place justice; perhaps “oasis,” “farm” or “Eden” would be a better word to describe it. The garden is tended by... Read more »

Local Produce Photo Contest

Growing Home is a non-profit urban agriculture business in Chicago. They provide job training in the horticulture field to homeless and low-income people in Chicago. On June 11, they are having their 7th Annual benefit at the Chicago Cultural Center. Over on GapersBlock they are giving away two tickets to the event which will feature... Read more »

Chicago Tomato Fest 2009

Michael Thompson (right) of Chicago Honey Coop & Damien Casten (left) of Candid Wines discuss heirloom tomatoes at Chicago Tomato Fest Plant Sale Slow Food Chicago, Candid Wines and the Chicago Honey Coop are having two plants sales where Chicagoland gardeners will have the opportunity to purchase heirloom tomato plants. Heirloom tomatoes are plants that... Read more »

Urban Agriculture: Feeding the Movement

To celebrate World Environment Day the Chicago Botanic Garden has put together a symposium focusing on what it takes to make urban agriculture a vital part of Chicago’s green industry. The day long event will feature national and regional speakers who are working in urban agriculture & an overview of the urban agriculture movement in... Read more »

Food is Not a Luxury

Have you ever experienced hunger? I mean, real hunger–not cravings or the stomach rumblings  you get when you skip a meal. The issue of hunger in America has been on my mind a lot recently. This winter I came across the Food Shouldn’t Feel Like A Luxury ad campaign from the Greater Chicago Food Depository.... Read more »