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Flies That Look Like Bees at Chicago Garden

On the heels of the urban bees in my garden post, I thought I’d share some pictures of flies that look like bees. The fly in the photo above is a syrphid fly. These flies are also known as hover flies, flower flies and bee flies. Here are couple of photos of these bee flies... Read more »

Urban Bees at Chicago Garden

Since attending the urban beekeeping lecture I’ve been paying more attention to the bees in my garden. I’ve noticed there have been less honeybees in my garden this year. Maybe there is something to the whole CCD thing. But the news hasn’t been all bad. With honeybees, for the most part, absent from the garden... Read more »

Rooftop Beekeeping in Chicago: The Confluence of Culture and Nature

I was fortunate enough to be allowed to sit in on this lecture with Michael Thompson, of the Chicago Honey Co-Op, and Dr. Alan Molumby, of UIC. The lecture was presented by The School of the Chicago Botanic Garden & the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs at the Chicago Cultural Center. Part of it was suppose... Read more »

Become a Citizen Scientist

Gardening is a mixture of art, a lot of luck and surprisingly, a lot of science. The more you become involved in beautifying your urban surroundings or growing your own food you may discover that you have an inner science geek looking for an outlet.  Gardeners in Chicago that discover the inner science geek later... Read more »