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African "Sausage Tree" Fruiting at Lincoln Park Conservatory

Kigela africana, or Sausage Tree, is a native of the southeastern region of Africa. This is the second year the tree has set fruit at the Lincoln Park Conervatory, the picture in this post is from last year. The fruits can weigh as much as 20 pounds each and measure 2 feet long. The tree... Read more »

Winter Flower Garden and Train Shows in Chicago

Looking for a garden fix this weekend? Visiting the winter flower shows around Chicago is a good way to surround yourself with plants and flowers during these dreary days. If you have family and friends visiting for the holidays get them out of the house and into one of the conservatories for a couple of... Read more »

Winter Garden Interest at Chicago's Lurie Garden

click for slightly larger view A well-designed garden looks interesting year-round. My own garden has no “designer,” it is just a collection of plants and flowers I like, and in the winter there isn’t much to look at. I’m hoping to change this flaw by visiting gardens this winter and copying some of the design... Read more »

Lurie Garden's Summer Intern on Garden's Design

Guest post by Benjamin Futa, photos by me. This past summer, I had the fortune and privilege to be accepted as the intern with the Lurie Garden in Millennium Park. Having completed only a single semester of my landscape architecture and horticulture college career at the time I applies, I assumed my application would be... Read more »

Chicago's Lurie Garden in November '09

The Lurie Garden in the fall is just as beautiful as it is during the spring and summer. I stopped by today for a quick visit and realized what I’d been missing by not visiting the garden during this season. It is filled with rich earth tones, swaying grasses and seed heads and few visitors... Read more »

Chicago Park District "Nature in Chicago" Digital Photo Contest

The Chicago Park District is running the 1st Annual “Nature in Chicago” Digital Photography Contest and Exhibition. The Chicago Park District wants to see the best photos taken within the City of Chicago by nature photographers of all levels. Here are the categories: Native Flora (Plants)Native Fauna (animals)Migratory BirdsChicago LakefrontPeople in NaturePhotos by Youth (14-18)... Read more »

Staples, Chicago Bears Dream Park Challenge

Staples and the Chicago Bears have teamed up for the Dream Park Challenge to fund improvements to local parks. They are giving out four prizes: Grand prize: $25, 000 in park improvements, plus a celebration at Soldier Field with Matt Forte. First prize: $10,000 in park improvements. Second prize: $5,000 in park improvements. Runners up:... Read more »

Da Bears, Da Birds, Dirt Weed & Fresh Food Stamps

A Marijuana plant was spotted growing in a parkway in Rogers Park. This summer I was asked by a neighbor to grow Marijuana plants for her in my garden. I surprised myself when it took me a few moments to say no. I blame it on the recession. A couple of days later I attended... Read more »

Lolla '09 and Grant Park

Over the weekend Grant Park was ground zero for one of the largest music festivals and not being a music buff, or attendee, I found myself curiously drawn to news here on ChicagoNow and on Twitter about the acts performing and the crowds. I was the Web 2.0 version of the grouchy neighborhood guy sitting... Read more »