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Wicker Park Garden Club Fall/Winter Lectures & Workshops

Over the past couple of years I've had the good fortune of attending a few workshops and lectures by the Wicker Park Garden Club.  There's always something new to learn at a workshop and the lectures are interesting and educational. One of my favorite parts of attending these events is the members are always warm and inviting and you don't have to be a member, or a resident of the Wicker Park neighborhood, to attend. Workshops and lectures are open to all gardeners in Chicago (suburbanites attend too) for a relatively small fee. In addition, the lectures and workshops all take place within a few feet of the Damen stop on the Blue Line making them convenient for public transportation users like myself. Here is a schedule of the workshops and lectures this fall and winter. For more information you can always visit the Wicker Park Garden Club's website...

Wicker Park Garden Club Plant Propagation Workshop 2011

The Wicker Park Garden Club’s plant propagation workshop is coming up on Saturday, Jan 8 2011. You can choose between one of the two sessions scheduled. I visited last year’s workshop and I recommend anyone interested in gardening, propagating plants through cuttings and seed starting to attend. The times I’ve been to meetings I’ve always... Read more »