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When to Plant Tulips in Chicago

When to Plant Tulips in Chicago
Gardening in Chicago during the month of October entails planting spring flowering bulbs. On these chilly days we dig holes and submerge bulbs and cover them with soil. For many gardeners this may be the last gardening chore of season. Then is it a matter of waiting until spring when the ground warms up and... Read more »

Planting Tulips With a Purpose

Planting Tulips With a Purpose
“Tulipa Maggie Daley” courtesy of GNMAA. Tulip planting season has arrived in Chicago and while you’re placing orders or searching garden centers for bulbs, I’d like you to consider two pink tulips.October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The American Cancer Society’s Plant It Pink campaign is aimed at raising awareness in the fight against... Read more »

Free Tulips from "Tulips on The Magnificent Mile"

If you missed out on TulipMania at the Garfield Park Conservatory like I did, the Greater North Michigan Avenue Associaton is giving you a second chance to get some tulip bulbs for your garden. On June 4, 2010 between 10AM and 3PM the GNMAA in partnership with the North Michigan Avenue commercial properties and Moore Landscapes... Read more »

TulipMania at Garfield Park Conservatory

Tulips in Chicago parkway Ever wonder what happens to the plants the City plants in gardens and displays after they’ve stopped blooming and get replaced? TulipMania at the Garfield Park Conservatory is a day where tulips are bagged and distributed to Chicago gardeners just like yourself. On Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 9AM the Garfield Park... Read more »

Amaryllis Bulb Kits:Gifts for Gardeners

Amaryllis bulb kits are a great gift idea for the gardener on your shopping list this holiday season.  The bulb kits can be found in retail settings like; home improvement stores, the floral section of your local grocery chain, big box stores and garden centers across Chicago.  With prices starting at $4.99, they make great... Read more »

Garden Book: "Bulb" by Anna Pavord

Earlier this month, I was offered a review copy of Bulb by Anna Pavord and the chance to talk to the author on the phone while she was visiting the U.S. to tape The Martha Stewart show. I have to admit I wasn’t aware of her bestselling book, The Tulip, but as a grower of... Read more »

Layering Spring Flowering Bulbs in the Garden

Recently, when I was moving and planting some spring flowering bulbs in the garden I was reminded of the video by the Chicago Botanic Garden that demonstrates how to plant spring bulbs in containers. I decided to layer the bulbs on top of each other instead of having them scattered throughout the garden. In the... Read more »

Spring Flowering Bulb Planters: Container Garden Idea 6

Just because you garden in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t plant spring flowering bulbs. While most gardeners around Chicago plant bulbs in the ground, they are also suitable for container gardens on your deck, patio, porch or courtyard.  In the garden video below by the Chicago Botanic Garden Jill Selinger shows you how... Read more »

Wildlife Resistant Garden Bulbs, Oh Deer!

In my urban garden I don’t face many of the same pests that other gardeners in the Chicagoland area have to deal with. We have no deer in my neighborhood, the squirrels rarely visit my garden, rabbits and raccoons are rare. If you have trouble keeping flowers because they’re always being eaten by some animal... Read more »

Where to Buy Spring Bulbs for Your Garden

I did a quick tour of Home Depot and Menards to see what they were selling this year in terms of spring garden bulbs. These are the bulbs, corms and rhizomes, you plant between now and before the ground freezes, that will bloom in the spring. Home Depot had the standard fare like tulips, daffodils,... Read more »