A list of gardening blogs that link to Chicago Garden. If you link here and I didn't add you feel free to let me know. I'm just adding garden blogs as I find them linking here or the blogs of people who support this blog in various ways around the internet.

Garden Girl
Growing in Chicago
Sweet Home and Garden Chicago
On the Shores of Lake Chicago
Lilacs and Roses

Garden of Live Flowers


Life Among the Leaves

K-Town Homestead

Chicago History Journal

Dig it Yourself

Prairie Garden


Oh What a Beautiful Garden

Chicago Rain Harvesting Blog

The Yarden

Bucolic Bushwick (NY)
InterLeafings (CA)
Garden Faerie (MI)
Capricious in Cleveland (OH)
Daffodil Planter (CA)
Alice's Garden Travel Buzz (CA)
Jenn's Cooking Garden (CA) In the Garden Online (MI)
Walk2Write (FL) Compostings (CT) 6X8 Garden (IA) Dandelion Wrangler (BC) Miller Time (WI) GardenMom (IA)

Other blogs by me
Garden Bloggers
Amaryllis Bulbs
Chicago Gardeners