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I'm going to attempt to organize some links to posts here that I think might be of use to new gardeners. You can always use the Category links at the bottom of a post to find similar posts, use the search box or the Blog Archive. This will be more of a recommended reading list from me.

Plant & gardening Resources (see also: Starting a Garden below)Garden centers in Chicago. Where to to buy Seeds for your Vegetable or Ornamental Garden in Chicago. Where to buy Cacti & Succulents in Chicago. Where to learn about urban farming & agriculture in Chicago. Urban Ag projects in Chicago. (Video) How to Become a Master Gardener in Chicago. Become a Citizen ScientistChicago Garden Clubs (continuing to update this post)

Seeds The Boycotting of Monsanto-Seminis Seeds. Hybrid Garden Seeds are not the Enemy. Seeds for an African-American Vegetable Garden.
Direct sowing seeds in the garden.
Collecting Seeds in the Garden. Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow from Seed.

Tips for new gardeners in Chicago Wildflower Seed Mixes. Chicago's Invasive Plant List.

Tips for starting a new garden. Starting a Garden: Microclimates. Starting a Garden: Start with a plan. Starting a Garden: Cultivating Garden Soil. Starting a Garden: Wildflower Seed Mixes. Starting a Garden: Where to Buy Garden Soil in Chicago.

Cool Plants

Heirloom Vegetables.

Tomato Growing
Blossom-end rot of Tomato Plants.

How to stake Tomato Plants. What are Determinate & Indeterminate Tomatoes?

Gardening tips & Techniques Layering Spring Bulbs in the Garden. Espalier: Growing  Fruit Trees in Small Urban Garden. Propagating Plants Through Cuttings.

Bugs Natural slug control. What Good are Wasps in the Garden? Urban Bees at Chicago Garden.
Butterfly Photography at Chicago Garden. Flies that look like Bees. Garden Bugs at Chicago Garden. Become a Citizen Scientist.

Gardens & Parks I like
Lurie Garden's Summer Intern on Garden's Design. Little Village Pocket Park. Hull-House Heirloom Urban Farm on UIC campus. Lurie Garden Salvia River. Lurie Garden November '09. Lurie Garden April 2010. Winter Garden Interest at Lurie Garden. Cook County Jail Garden 2009. Cook County  Jail Garden 2010.

Garden Gate, Fence and Bench Made from Tree Limbs. Homemade Garden Plant Markers. How to Stake Tomato Plants. How to Hybridize Daylilies in your Garden

Watering Tree watering bag. Container garden drip irrigation system. Pop bottle drip irrigation.

Garden Books Grow Great Grub.

Garden Weeds. Field Bindweed. Chicago's Invasive Plant ListBest Time to Pull Garden Weeds.

Container Gardening My Porch Garden. Water and Money-Saving Tips for Large Garden Planters. Gardening in a Grow Box Best Potting Soil for Container Gardens.

Garden Shows Macy's Flower Show 2010. Winter Flower Show at Garfield Park Conservatory 2010. Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2010 Part 1 Chicago Flower & Garden Show 2010 Part 2 I'll update this page as I have time.