No Seed Swap at Chicago Flower & Garden Show '13

Last year the Chicago Flower & Garden Show asked me to host a seed swap during the run of the show after they heard that I’d been holding a “secret” seed swap every year at the show when the local garden blogger met up. You can read the back story here. The swap was fun and nicely attended for something that didn’t get much promotion. We even had people come from Indiana for the swap. Anyway, the past two weeks people who participated last year, and some who missed out last year, have been asking if it was going to happen again.

For a second there it looked like it would be repeated, but then negotiations fell through, and the Chicago Flower & Garden Show decided they wanted to dedicate the space to something more educational and inspirational in keeping with it’s mission to inspire and educate gardeners. I mentioned on Twitter that I wouldn’t be hosting a swap at the show, and some people expressed disappointment because they were looking forward to going to the show

I made the same announcement on my Facebook page, and there’s been some interest expressed in holding a seed swap that week in a location that will be free and open to the public. If it works out, I’ll post about it here, Facebook, and Twitter.


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