Is the "Right-to-Know" Battle Coming to IL?

Our friends at the Chicago Honey Co-op posted this to their Facebook wall last Friday.

On September 12th, at 10:00am, Alderman Walter Burnett of the 27th ward in Chicago will introduce a resolution supporting labeling for GE foods and urging the State Legislature to do the same. Call on your Alderman to support.

I think this is a great step. But I wonder if the Alderman can go one step further and amend his resolution to ban the planting of genetically engineered crops throughout Chicago to forever protect the integrity of backyard gardens, urban farms and community gardens.

If you do not know who your Alderman is use this tool to help you find him/her and give them a call. You can also show your support in person by attending the City Council Meeting next Wednesday, September 12th 10:00am at City Hall.


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  • Wonderful news - thanks for getting the word out.

    I sent Alderman Burnett an email to thank him, even though I'm in the 'burbs.

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