Ethnic Heritage Gardening in Chicago

The Ethnic Heritage Garden on Kickstarter looks pretty cool. There are still six day left to fund this project which brings together groups from the Assyrian, Ethiopian, Filipino, Greek, Haitian, Indian, Jamaican, Mexican, Muslim, and Trinidadian communities, to the Howard Street Farm in Skokie, IL. The goal of this project is to grow culturally significant vegetables and herbs.

If you live this far north in Chicago you should check out this project and maybe toss in a few dollars in their Kickstarter bucket. It looks like an exciting take on urban farming.

Recently, Mike Nowak has Carlos De Jesus, Director of the Urban Agriculture at Pedro Albizu Campos High School, on his show to talk about the great work he and the students at the school are doing in Humboldt Park. The students germinate seeds on their rooftop greenhouse, and they have recently gotten access to a half-acre of parkland in Humboldt Park to expand their program.

These kids are focusing on growing crops that are ingredients in Puerto Rican cuisine. While on Mike’s show Carlos mentioned that he was looking for seed sources. Unfortunately, I don’t know if a seed company that focuses seeds for crops used in Latino foods, but I do know gardeners. And gardeners like to share seeds. If you happen to be a Latino gardener who can spare some culturally significant seeds, or happen to grow vegetables that are using in Latino foods, the group can use them. I’ll be making a seed donation to the group from the Chicago Seed Library. Currently, the edibles the students grow are red and green bell pepper, onion, garlic, oregano, ají dulce, recao, cilantro, jalapeño peppers, and tomatoes. They’re also cultivating pumpkins, beans, eggplants, as well as strawberries, blue berries, and raspberries.

If you would like to make a seed donation you can mail it to:

Carlos DeJesús
C/O Pedro Albizu Campos High School
2739 West Division Street
Chicago, Illinois 60622

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