Native Plant Sales & Wildlife Gardening Workshops in Chicago 04/12

Native Plant Sales & Wildlife Gardening Workshops in Chicago 04/12


Don’t care much about growing vegetables in your Chicago garden? Are you one of the many Chicagoans that are annoyed by the yearly planting of annuals and tropical plants that will die or be composted in the fall because they don’t survive winters in Chicago? Maybe gardening with native plants is for you.

When: Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 10am til 3pm

Where: The Paseo Prairie Garden ~ 2614 N. Kedzie ~ corner of Milwaukee & Kedzie
~ next to the south side entrance of the Logan Square Elevated

What: Illinois Native plants, lots of other ornamental plants & grasses, Roses,
herbs – sage, cilantro, mints, and more, organic vege starts like tomatoes,
kale, chard ~ strawberries, and who knows WHAT will show up.

Hey – don’t forget ~ you can get a rebate from the City of Chicago’s Sustainable
Backyard Program for Native Illinois plants.

All proceeds go to support & maintain the garden

Wildlife-Friendly Gardening
Saturday, May 12

Whether you have an apartment balcony or a large backyard, you can create natural spaces that attract wildlife. Join us to discover how you can provide the basic habitat essentials—food, water, shelter and space—to help local creatures thrive in the Chicago area.

We’ll explore the flora and fauna of Nature Boardwalk to see how the zoo created an urban ecosystem to benefit native animals. Then we’ll tie it to your home by considering ways you can use similar tactics to welcome wildlife into your own backyard.

9–11 a.m.
$24 ($20 for members)
For participants ages 16 and older

Prairie Keepers Urban and Backyard Prairie Workshops

The purpose of the workshops are to educate the community about prairie ecosystems and their significance to Native Peoples, their role in urban flood water control, and their importance for urban wildlife and migratory birds. These workshops are designed to give community members the basic skills of creating prairie ecosystems in their backyards, parkways, or other neighborhood green spaces. The workshops are as follows:

May 19th 9ma-1pm- Building Your Garden
This workshop will focus on plant installatioin, salvaging, and how to build your garden. This workshop will take place at a new garden site TBD to give participants hands on experience.

May 20th 12pm-4pm Consultation Day
Participants who have signed up receive individual consultation from workshop staff by appointment

Prairie Keepers is an initiative that promotes, creates and maintains prairie ecosystems within the City of Chicago through various activities
To sign-up or information please contact Eli Suzukovich III or Jannan Cotto 773-275-5871 or

The American Indian Center 1630 W. Wilson Ave.


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  • Our cardinal flowers are disappearing. Definitely need to find more at a native plant sale this spring! Now that we've grown them here, I can't imagine summer without them! Since they tend to be short-lived I was hoping ours would self-seed, but no such luck.

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