Food Grade Buckets in Chicago For Growing Potatoes.

A reader to the mrbrownthumb garden blog Emailed me today to give me a tip on sourcing food grade buckets in Chicago for growing potatoes. I grow potatoes in buckets and trashcans, but never bothered to do so in food grade plastics. The tipster, Bonnie, notes:

“Growing potatoes in buckets: Since you live in the Chicago area, I wanted to tell you about a source of free plastic buckets.  The Jewel bake shop recycles medium and large buckets that they use for cake frosting  They will generally have some and happily give them to you.  I’m accumulating some now.”

Since we’re sharing secrets and frugal gardening methods, I’ll share one of my one. At chain grocery stores you may also be able to source those large containers for side dishes like potato salad. You can turn them into upside down pepper planters really easily. The upside down planter fad from a few years back seems to have lost its steam, but it really did help maximize the amount of space you had to grow some of your own food in. I don’t think the planters actually provided higher crop outputs, but they certainly did free up a lot of space on the floor or ground of small gardens.

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