AECOM's Pier+ Proposal Gets my "Thumbs Up"

Recently a select number of design firms were selected to submit proposals for a renovation and re-imaging of Chicago’s Navy Pier. While all of them have merit, the proposal by AECOM+BIG  really caught my eye and I think is the best of the group. It gets my “thumbs up.”

One my issues with Navy Pier, aside from the parking and congested feel, is all of the concrete. AECOM’s Pier+ plan addresses that with plans to “re-colonize the people’s pier” by turning the pier into an extension of our lakefront parks.  The parks in the project would shape our use of the pier, our views of the skyline and water front. Take a look through the gallery to get a sense of how Navy Pier would be transformed.

All images courtesy of AECOM+BIG. For more images and information visit AECOM’s Pierscape site.


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  • This was my favorite too but I'm always skeptical of vertical gardens with pineapples growing in them.

  • In reply to Sydney:

    LOL. I did a faceplam when I saw the pineapples in the tower too. I'm going to overlook that for now. I only hope they can remodel the pier like this before I get too old to go hang out there.

  • I love this stuff... do you know where we can find the other proposals?

  • In reply to JoyfulMa:

    Hi JoyfulMa,

    There's a video clip on the proposals on WTTW Chicago.

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