'Red Admiral' Butterfly

The purple coneflowers in my garden have opened up this week and the blooms attracted the ‘Red Admiral’ butterfly to the garden.  Of all the butterflies that pass through here Red Admiral is my favorite. These butterflies have dark wings, with white spots and orange streaks. They’re one of the “friendliest” butterflies you can encounter in the garden. They’re not as skittish as others and will land on people and flowers alike. Here’s a video I took a couple of years ago of a ‘Red Admiral’ in my garden. See how close it allowed me to get to it?


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  • They're beautiful! (the Red Admirals, and the coneflowers.) Coneflowers are favorites this time of year, not least because of the butterflies and goldfinches they attract. This year I've even seen hummingbirds nectaring on them. I've never seen hummingbirds on them before.

    The Lawn Man was using the leaf blower to get all the storm debris off the patio yesterday. He decided to blow away some spider webs near where we sit too. Normally I prefer to leave the spiders alone and let them do their work, but this time I was really glad he blew them away. Stuck in one of the webs was a Red Admiral. It was kind of blending in with the brick on the house and we didn't even see it until it flew away unharmed, and probably grateful, (if butterflies can be grateful,) for being released from the web.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    In my garden the goldfinches don't pay much attention to the coneflowers, they come for the sunflower seeds. Yesterday my father was asking me why he hasn't seen "those yellow birds" around the neighborhood and I had to remind him that once the mammoth sunflowers start setting seeds they'll be back to feed on them.

    That's really cool that The Lawn Man inadvertently rescued a Red Admiral. I can see how they'd be hard to miss, especially this year they seem to be a bit smaller size than in previous years.

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