Helping the Garden Cope With the Heat

I’ve been hoping that if I overlook blogging about the heat that it would go away and we’d get some relief in the form of rain and cooler temperatures in Chicago. Unfortunately,  ignoring the heatwave just seems to make it worse.  I’ve found myself giving the container garden one good drink of water a day, usually early in the morning before the sun rises. If watering by hand every morning isn’t an option, consider a drip irrigation setup made from plastic soda bottles.  The only container gardens not feeling the effects of the heat are my self-watering planters.  With the rest of the containers I have to be vigilant with the watering because fruits are beginning to set on plants like my tomatoes and peppers. Fluctuations in watering will lead to tomatoes splitting & cracking and blossom end rot. Mulching, even containers, will help with keeping your plants from drying out too quickly in this heat.

What are you doing to help your garden survive the heat?

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  • I can tell you one thing not to do for your garden -- turn on the hose when you wake up and forget to turn it off till you come home from work like I just did. Oops.

  • In reply to CarolCichorski:

    LOL, Carol!

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