Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Plant a 'Peace' Rose in Your Garden

Osama Bin Laden is Dead, Plant a 'Peace' Rose in Your Garden
On Sunday night President Obama addressed the country to inform us that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. Coincidentally, 66 years to the date the world learned that Hitler had committed suicide. While many are celebrating this historic occasion my thoughts are turning to the victims of 9/11, the soldiers and innocent civilians that have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. While the word “peace” can only be found once in the remarks by President Obama on Osama Bin Laden, that’s what I’m thinking of today. 
Rosa ‘Peace’ is said to be the most widely planted rose in the world. It was developed by French horticulturist Francois Meilland, and was set to be introduced prior to World War II where it was to be named in honor his mother.
With the invasion of France on the horizon Meilland sent some cuttings to friends in other countries. One of the last aircrafts to leave France before the Nazi blitzkrieg headed to the United States with cuttings of ‘Peace.’ In the United States they were received by famed rosarian Robert Pyle who propagated and successfully trialled them during the war years. The hybrid tea rose was officially renamed ‘Peace’ the same day Berlin fell to Allied Forces. ‘Peace’ was the sole recipient of All-America Rose Selections designation, a high honor for roses, in 1946 the day Japan surrendered. 
Delegates to the first United Nations meeting in San Francisco were greeted with ‘Peace’ roses with a note that read “We hope the ‘Peace’ rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace”. 
Today many in our country are celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden and the occasion brings a lot of relief and closure. The vibe of this country will be different this 4th of July and I expect to that we’ll see larger patriotic gardens. I expect more red, white and blue blooms. More tiny flags tucked in hanging baskets than usual as a nation celebrates a mission really being accomplished. 
As I type this it dawned on me than there’s a whole generation of Americans who have never known peace because we’ve been at war as long as they’ve been alive. Americans who have to grow up without a parent as a result of the attacks on 9/11. Hopefully we all have room in our hearts and gardens to allow peace to take root. 
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  • This isn't 1945 Germany. Al-Zawahiri won't be signing an al Qaeda instrument of surrender after Bin Laden's death in Islamabad. Not like the germam high command signed after Hitler's death in Berlin. Our enemies long for death and martyrdom. Unfortunately I don't see peace, but I'll plant a rose anyway.

  • In reply to gwill:

    The cynic in me doesn't I don't see peace either, but that won't stop me from hoping for it. The alternative is far worse. Thanks for commenting gwill and I hope you do plant that rose.

  • In reply to gwill:

    Great post. Cynic or not, it is a good day today for many reasons. Beautiful rose - I will have to find room for it in my rose garden.

  • In reply to wkspray:

    Over on the Facebook page we've had a small convo about this rose. Other options include 'Love & Peace,''Pink Peace,' 'Glowing Peace' and 'Chicago Peace.' All of them are related to the original 'Peace' and the 'Chicago Peace' rose is from a sport discovered in the Chicago area. I'm probably going to hunt down 'Chicago Peace' for my garden.

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