Chicago TomatoFest Tomato Plants on Sale

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In a previous post I advised against growing tomatoes from seeds because tomato seedlings would be plentiful during several plant sales around Chicago this spring. If you’re interested in growing heirloom tomatoes and followed my advice, you can buy heirloom tomato seedlings and plants at Provenance Food & Wine and Lush Wine & Spirits. These tomatoes are part of Chicago TomatoFest‘s heirloom tomato grow along. Chicago TomatoFest’s heirloom tomatoes will be on sale at these locations while supplies last. Provenance Food & Wine posted on Facebook today that they only have a few tomato plants left. The tomatoes at Lush are only available at their West Town location. The tomato plants are cash only and the money goes to Slow Food Chicago & the preSERVE garden in the North Lawndale neighborhood. 
A couple more plant sales in late May and early June which you can find information for here


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  • I always grow mine from seeds, but I do think it's good advice, especially for newbies, to take advantage of buying already-started plants. It's so much easier.

    It's fantastic that these sales are fund raisers for such excellent causes. It's also really cool that heirloom plants are so easy to get now.

    That didn't used to be the case, at least not around where I live. It used to be always the same 5 or 6 hybrid varieties. Nothing against hybrids, I've just always been an heirloom kind of girl, and like experimenting with different varieties - at least one or two new ones every year. In the past that wouldn't have been possible, but now there are lots more options available, even in the south 'burbs.

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