Ride With Radish For One Seed Chicago 2011

Ride With Radish For One Seed Chicago 2011
Politics is a dirty sport, and politics don’t get dirtier than in Chicago. “Vote early and vote often” is a phrase you hear said a lot during an election cycle. Most of the time it is said tongue-in-cheek, but you know that deep down some people really mean it. As someone who works on NeighborSpace’s One Seed Chicago project I try to remain as neutral as possible about my favorite seed when I’m in public. Residents of Chicago are suppose to choose their favorite seed of the three candidates. The seed with the most votes wins and is crowned the official One Seed Chicago that year. It is an exercise in democracy, every Chicagoan gets a vote and every vote counts!
But sometimes something so egregious occurs during the course of democracy that it falls on good people to speak up and stand up for the principals set fourth by our founding fathers. This past week Mike Nowak, host of The Mike Nowak Show on WCPT, began a campaign to stuff the votes for Swiss chard to win One Seed Chicago 2011. He’s using his gardening radio show and website to push for Swiss chard to win. He’s created a huge graphic that claims that Swiss chard is the “only green candidate” in this election. Not since George Soros have we seen someone try to use his influence to make sure his candidate wins an election. 
The Swiss chard’s political operatives have even gone so far as to question the residency requirements of eggplant and file a petition. Can you believe this? 

This is why I’m launching the Ride With Radish campaign to take the message of how wonderful radishes are to the people of Chicago. Swiss chard may be the only “green” candidate for One Seed Chicago, but radish is down-to-earth. So much so that it grows below ground. You don’t get more down-to-earth than that. Radishes are easy to start from seed, within 5-7 days you’ll have radish sprouts and even have radish greens. That makes them perfect seeds to sow in a child’s garden because their short germination time is perfect for the attention spans of kids. Radishes come in an assortment of sizes, shapes and colors. Not only are they attractive, but they’re delicious. Radishes eaten raw from the garden are rich in folic acid, calcium, putassium and dietary fiber. Moderatey high in Vitamin C, they’re low in calories, fat and cholesterol. 

Join me in the Ride With Radish campaign and encourage your friends and family to vote for radish by going to www.OneSeedChicago.com and casting a vote for radish. Every Chicagoan that votes will get a free pack of seed of the winning seed to grow in their own garden or in a community garden near them. With your help thousands of radish seeds could be hitting mailboxes across Chicago this spring. Voting will close on April 1, 2011 so get out the vote for radishes! 
There’s a group of us bloggers on Twitter who have blogged their endorsements and are campaigning for our favorite seed on Twitter. Below you’ll find their Twitter names and endorsement posts. You can join in the fun by participating in the #TeamRadish #TeamEggplant and #TeamChard hashtags. 
Update: Yesterday on Twitter Mike admitted to not only trying to influence the One Seed Chicago election, but go so far as to openly admit he’s trying to “STEAL” it for Swiss Chard. 
Update: 2. I made this video endorsement for #TeamRadish


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  • Your graphic is very cute! I think even the founding fathers would have voted radish. I'm pretty sure there's something about it in the constitution.

  • In reply to bintie:

    Yup. It is right in the Constitution about how all vegetables are created equal, except for radish which is way radder than all the others.

  • Love the graphic, esp. how you left the root on. :) If I weren't #teameggplant (I think snarkyvegan is working on our logo), I'd totally be #teamradish. I would not, for the record, be #teamchard, even though I like chard OK. P.S. Argentines prolly like this logo, too! ;-) Ole ole ole!

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    You should move down to Chicago because you are the most vocal supporter of #Teameggplant around. Can't wait to see what graphic you all come up with.

  • Loved this post MBT!

    I'm on #teamradish - have a post I'm tweaking for later this week that echoes your sentiments on how great they are for kids to grow, and how nutritious they are.

    One of the most fun things about OSC is the friendly rivalry between the candidates' supporters. :~)

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Awesome, I knew there was a reason I liked you. You have good taste. Feel free to use my graphic for your #TeamRadish post.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    All this debate for OSC is really making me miss Chicago, Team radish all the way

  • In reply to alexander:

    Awesome! Make sure to tell your family back home to vote for radish! ;0)

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