MLK Food Justice Weekend

MLK Food Justice Weekend
Local Solutions to Food Justice in Chicago is the Theme of MLK Jr. Weekend Activities

KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation will honor the life and work of Martin Luther King with a weekend long education and advocacy program focused on food justice and sustainability January 14th-16th, 2011. The KAMII Social Justice Committee presents a weekend of food justice and sustainability themed weekend to honor the life of Martin Luther King Jr. All events are held at KAMII at 1100 East Hyde Park Boulevard and are free and open to the public, but registration is recommended. Panel discussions, classes and demonstrations by organizations like the Chicago Honey Co-op, WeFarm America, Cob Connection, The Gan Project and Garden Resources of Woodlawn (GROW). Topic cover gardening subjects like composting, starting a community garden, sourcing, preserving summer’s bounty, cheese making, healthy cooking and more.  Full schedule after the jump. 

Friday 14 January 2011  8:00pm 
Shabbat Service: with Rachel Cohen speaking on the Reform Movement’s   
history of activism for civil rights and social justice and how this   
tradition inspires the Reform Movement’s work for food justice 
Saturday 15 January 2011 
4:30pm – 6:30pm 
Symposium “Food Justice and Sustainable Land Use: Local Solutions” 
moderator: Robert Nevel panel:  Connie Spreen, Ken Dunn, Doriane C. Miller, M.D., Bernard Lloyd and Jack Spicer 6:30pm – 7:30pm 
Sunday 16 January 2011 
Session 1: 11:00am – 11:45am 
Class Nº 1:  Benja Murphy and Brian Wildeman “How to Establish a   
Community Garden” 
Class Nº 2:  Rachel Cohen “Judaism, Food Justice, Sustainability:   
What’s Our Tradition Got to Do With It?” 
Class Nº 3:  Chef Tsadakeeyah Ben Emmanuel cooking demo “Vegetable   
Gumbo With Smoked Tofu” 
Class Nº 4:  Rich Futrell “The Making and Tasting of Sustainable Coffee” 
12:00pm – 12:45pm 
Session 2: 1:00pm – 1:45pm 
Class Nº 1:  Michael Thompson “History of Chicago Honey Co-op and   
Rooftop Beekeeping in Chicago” 
Class Nº 2:  Jill Zenoff “The Gan Project and Social Action” 
Class Nº 3:  Liv Leader “Preserving Summer’s Bounty: Making Marmalade   
in January!” 
Class Nº 4:  Gloria and Al Needlman “Worms Eat My Garbage” 
Session 3: 2:00pm – 2:45pm 
Class Nº 1:  Seneca Kern “4 Season Gardening” 
Class Nº 2:  Meg Mass “tbd” 
Class Nº 3:  Liv Leader “Preserving Summer’s Bounty: Making Marmalade in January!” 
Session 4: 3:00pm – 3:45pm 
Class Nº 1:  Mari Coyne “Living on the Wedge: Wisconsin ArtisanCheesemakers” 
Class Nº 2:  Jill Zenoff “Sourcing Food Locally and Sustainably in Chicago” 
Class Nº 3:  Irene Gregory “Lessons Learned From 39 Years of Organic Gardening”
Benja Murphy – 65th and Woodlawn Community garden, Chicago 
Brian Wildeman – 65th and Woodlawn Community garden, Chicago 
Rachel Cohen – Sustainability Program Coordinator Religious Action   
Center of Reform Judaism, Washington D.C. 
Chef Tsadakeeyah Ben Emmanuel – Urban Juncture, Inc., Chicago 
Michael Thompson – Chicago Honey Co-op, Chicago 
Jill Zenoff – The Gan Project, Chicago 
Gloria and Al Needlman – master gardeners KAMII, Chicago 
Seneca Kern – WeFarmAmerica, Chicago 
Meg Mass – Cob Connection, Chicago 
Liv Leader – Bread Alone Bakery, Boiceville, New York 
Mari Coyne – agricultural marketing consultant, Chicago 
Irene Gregory – master gardener, Evanston 
Rich Futrell – Counter Culture Coffee, Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina 
Robert Nevel – architect and chair of KAMII’s Social JusticeCommittee, Chicago 
Connie Spreen – Cofounder and Executive Director of the Experimental Station, Chicago 
Ken Dunn – Founder and Director of the Resource Center, Chicago 
Doriane C. Miller, M.D. – Director, Center for Community Health and   
Vitality, Urban Health Initiative, University of Chicago MedicalCenter, Chicago 
Bernard Lloyd – President of Urban Juncture, Inc., Chicago 
Jack Spicer – Landscape Gardener and Architectural Preservationist,Chicago 
For more information call KAM Isaiah Israel at 773-924-1234


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  • I hope your neighbors get to attend. This sounds like a wonderful event.

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    I hope people go too. There looks to be a lot of great information being presented.

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