Love in the Lurie Garden

Love in the Lurie Garden
During the spring and summer months the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park is prime courting and breeding grounds for many species in our area. You can observe red-winged black birds, bees, butterflies, plants and even, uh, humans engaging in mating rituals. Sometimes, the public displays of affection can be too much to stomach when you’re there to take pictures of what’s in bloom. What is it about the Lurie Garden that puts so many in the mood for love? 
“The intimate space of the Lurie Garden inspires affection among visitors. People tend to slow down as they walk through, hold their partner’s hand and sometimes even steal a kiss,” says Jennifer Davit, the Lurie Garden’s director. 
I’ll say. 
I’ve come to accept the fact that the Lurie Garden is for lovers, not just plant lovers. What I’m having trouble with at the moment is that the winter season is the only time we get a respite from the PDA, but for two evening this month we’ll have to surrender the garden to PDA. The Lurie Garden will light up the night sky with dozens of luminaries, from 5:30p.m to 7:30p.m. on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 11 and 12. The Lurie Garden staff will be setting the mood for you. “This is an ideal place to stroll with your valentine before or after dinner, or on your way to ice skating in the park,” says Davit. 
It would also be a unique and interesting location in Chicago to ask someone to marry you. Make sure you plan ahead and get a room, don’t make me call security on you. 
The Lurie luminary walk is free and open to the public, weather permitting. The Lurie Garden is located at the southeast corner of Millennium Park, near Columbus Drive and Monroe Street. Millennium Park is easily reached by CTA and adjacent public parking is available. Millennium Park is universally accessible to patrons with disabilities. For more information, visit
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  • I really enjoy being there on the weekends when wedding parties are there with their photographers.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    What's fun about wedding parties is that you get to experience the different fashions and colors. I should've included some of those pictures in this post.

  • It's just nice to hear that the garden will be open at all. Last time I was there, the walkways were closed off with chains. Not that it stopped me from going in...

  • In reply to bintie:

    Ha! You jump the chains too? Well, this post was written before the BLIZZARD, I wonder if they will have dug themselves out of the snow in time for the romantic evening walk.

  • In reply to MrBrownThumb:

    lol, I've jumped the chains, too, and I'm not even coordinated! One of those benches where the couple is kissing is where I read the last half of Plants of Desire. Alone. :)

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