Growing Home Inc. Coldframe Workshop This Saturday

The vegetable growing season in Chicago doesn’t have to end just because winter arrives. Growing your own food in Chicago can be more than just growing tomatoes.Your vegetable garden’s harvest can be extended by using hoophouses, cold frame, hot beds and row covers. Growing Home Inc., is holding a workshop this Saturday where these methods will be discussed. You’ll also learn about the pros and cons of using different materials in the construction method. Suggested donation is $5.00 and you can RSVP to This workshop is held at the Wood Street Urban Farm in Chicago and runs from Noon-1pm.


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  • great workshop! I've always coveted one of those gorgeous coldframes made from old windows, but alas, I have such a tiny yard that the only thing practical for me is the pop up coldframe that is used for a month and put back in the shed. I hope they discuss methods for people with limited space.

  • In reply to wkspray:

    I've wanted one of those coldframes too. Also, a greenhouse made of windows.

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