City Farm Urban Harvest 2010

City Farm and Resource Center’s fall celebration features food, drinks, music ,potato sack races and hay rides. Adults (over 19) $35.00 Youth (12-18) $10.00 Children (0 to 11) Free. Saturday, October 09, 2010 from 4PM-9PM. Buy tickets here. Great opportunity to tour of Chicago’s finest examples of urban agriculture. Here’s a cool video that explains what City Farm is and what they do in Chicago.


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  • Urban farming is fantastic. I'm glad to see that other metropolitan areas in the US are participating in this movement. We're located in NYC and wrote a little piece covering urban farming. It would be great if urban farmers across the US established a network of some sort. Do you know if maybe one already exists?

    Anyway, here is my piece and feel free to let me know what you think. Drop a comment if you'd like! ;)

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  • In reply to Glenwood:

    I think a nationwide network would be a good idea, but I'm not sure if such a thing exists. Maybe someday. Nice blog post you got there.

  • SO inspiring and hope-filled MBT. Thanks for sharing the video. Hope they have a very successful harvest celebration.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    This urban farm is pretty inspirational. I don't know why I haven't gone up there to see it yet. We should organize a meetup in the spring so you can come up and spend a day in gardens in the City.

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