Garden Fertilizer made from Asian Carp

Schafer Fisheries Asian carp fertilizer.png
Today, some Chicago aldermen were scheduled to debate whether the Chicago River locks should be closed off from boats to keep the dreaded Asian carp from entering Lake Michigan. Later this month the Environmental Protection Agency plans to close and poison a two-mile stretch of the Little Calumet River to get an idea of just how many Asian carp are in the river waters south of Lake Michigan. Schafers Fisheries, Inc., located in North Western Illinois, has a less drastic idea-make garden fertilizer from Asian carp.
Gardeners have long known the benefits of using fish or fish emulsion fertilizers as plant food. Schafers grinds whole fish from the Midwest region in the production of Schafers Liquid Fish through a process they claim keeps more of the nutrients than the process that creates fish emulsion fertilizers. 
In 2002, Schafers began producing Schafers Liquid Fish made from fish offal, a culinary term that refers to the entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal. As the Midwest’s larges processor and distributor of fresh fish and frozen seafood the move helped them cut down on waste and create an environmentally friendly product.
“The vast majority of it is Asian carp,” says Ron Abbott, sales rep for Schafer Fisheries, of Schafers Liquid Fish.
According to Ron Abbott, the company processed 12 million pounds of carp in 2009 that it purchased from commercial fishermen that fish the Illinois River and other tributaries of the Mississippi River. 
If you’re interested in using a non-synthetic garden fertilizer, made locally, that helps reduce the number of Asian carp in our waterways you can purchase it online at or by calling 1-800-291-3474.

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