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Free Tulips from "Tulips on The Magnificent Mile"

If you missed out on TulipMania at the Garfield Park Conservatory like I did, the Greater North Michigan Avenue Associaton is giving you a second chance to get some tulip bulbs for your garden. On June 4, 2010 between 10AM and 3PM the GNMAA in partnership with the North Michigan Avenue commercial properties and Moore Landscapes... Read more »

Lurie Garden's Salvia River 2010

Lurie Garden's Salvia River 2010
The Lurie Garden’s Salvia River is in full glorious bloom. If you do one thing this weekend it should be visiting the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park to take in the sight. The Salvia River is comprised of four different varieties of 2,000 salvia plants. It was designed to mimic a flowing river. I suggest arriving... Read more »

Blogiversary at Chicago Garden

Today is the first anniversary of the beta launch of ChicagoNow. Since this blog, Chicago Garden, was one of just over 30 blogs the site was launched with I guess this makes it Chicago Garden’s anniversary too.  In the past year I’ve written 229 entries with 1,054 comments. I’m not sure how the staff of ChicagoNow... Read more »

Garden Book: Grow Your Own Vegetables

Grow Your Own Vegetables by Carol Klein is a good and comprehensive vegetable gardening book. How good is it? I’ve been carrying it around with me all winter, reading passages while riding the CTA, that I forgot to write about it.  I received a few vegetables gardening books to review this year and I think... Read more »

Eastern Cottonwood Tree Seeds

Over the weekend Chicago became inundated with millions of seeds for the eastern cottonwood tree. Perhaps the fuzzy seeds floating around Chicago managed to get lodged in your hair, face or food if you happened to be eating outside. The seeds for populus deltoides, one of North America’s largest hardwood trees, can become a nuisance in... Read more »

Canada Thistle, Invasive Garden Weed

Canada Thistle, I’ve come to learn, is an invasive garden weed. My first encounter with Canada Thistle occurred when it sprouted in the middle of a rose bush. Over the course of the growing season I noticed it, but couldn’t reach it, so I let it grow in the garden. Eventually, I figured I’d let it... Read more »

Free Vegetable Plants from Burpee Home Gardens

Earlier I blogged about the national expansion of the Burpee Home Gardens program that is geared to first time gardeners, younger gardeners in particular, who are interested in growing some of their own food. To offer support for this new crop of gardens Burpee Home Gardens set up a  website with gardening tips, a Twitter... Read more »

Curie Metropolitan High School gets a School Garden

In October of 2009 Curie Metropolitan High School got its first garden club. Marie’s Garden Club, under the supervision of teachers Jennifer Patush, Marlene Gatan and Noah Swinney Stein consists of about 15 students. Below pictures of the school garden’s ground breaking and first work day.  Two raised garden beds made from untreated cedar wood were built... Read more »

"Mobile Food Collective" Rolls into Chicago to Support Urban Farming

Mobile Unit. Pic courtesy of the MFC team. Click to enlage. How do you motivate and make it easier for Chicagoans to grow their own food? That’s the problem students at Archeworks, the one-year design program in Chicago that focuses on social and environmental urban design, were tasked with finding a solution to. They were... Read more »

Garden at Night, Plant a Moon Garden

Recently, on Facebook I mentioned that I don’t really get any work done until the evening and late at night is when I feel my most creative. A friend suggested that I plant a moon garden to combine my nocturnal and gardening activities.   What is a Moon Garden?  A moon garden is a series... Read more »