Bee Balm Wins 2010 One Seed Chicago

One Seed Chicago seed packet.png
Last weekend at the Green & Growing Fair Bee Balm was unveiled as the winner of 2010 One Seed Chicago. Chicagoans all across our City voted for their favorite and Bee Balm came out on top. 
This year One Seed Chicago will distribute over a million seeds to the gardeners who voted and those who didn’t get a chance to vote can log onto and request a free seed packet while supplies last.
Those million seeds will make a positive difference helping create habitat for pollinators.
“The past few years have seen an interest in the health of insect pollinators as a sign of a breakdown in our agricultural systems of production,” says Michael Thompson, Farm Manager of the Chicago Honey Co-op. “Providing habitats with nectar forage for pollinators is a positive way to help with the decline in pollinating bees and other invertebrates.”
The more native plants we add to our gardens the better it is for the environment. 
“Native plants attract native birds and insects and help to increase biodiversity in your garden,” says Jennifer Davit, Director and Horticulturalist at the Lurie Garden at Millennium Park. “Our native plant friends are more adapted to their local surroundings and can handle the Chicago area’s fluctuations in climate and weather.”
Using less chemicals to keep plants healthy in the garden is a good thing. So, make sure you order your free pack of Bee Balm seeds and grow a garden.


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  • So pleased about this! I've got a new bed that's getting a lot of natives, so this is perfect. Can't wait to get my seeds!

  • In reply to naxn:

    Xan, That's great! I've been looking around for more native to add to my garden just so my Bee Balm will not be alone ;0)

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