Where to buy Cheap Garden Seeds.

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If you’re looking to start your first garden or just expand what you currently grow trying the less expensive brands of seeds is a good way to start. One vegetable or flower seed pack is enough for gardeners with small spaces who just want to experiment. Yesterday I stopped by Walgreens and spotted the American Seed packs selling 3 for $1.00. Last year Dollar Tree had the American Seed packs at 10 for $1.00 and Big Lots usually has a good deal on seeds too. The seeds available at Walgreens were; beans, tomatoes, pumpkin, dill, beets, lettuce, carrots, basil and radishes. If you don’t want to grow some food try the flowers like; cosmos Shasta Daisy, Zinnias and sunflowers. Many of them are on the list of the Top 10 easiest plants to grow from seed and can be started indoors under lights. For fancier vegetables and flower varieties check out the seeds being sold at garden centers in Chicago
Update: The garden blogger at Jenn’s Gardening Spot informed me via Facebook that Walmart has their American Seed display up and seeds are 20 cents a packet. 


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  • I dunno if you have Ace or Aco Hardware stores in Chicago, but they also sell those seed packets 3 for $1. I've used those and they germinate just as well as other brands. Less variety, but a lot of types of veggies and a great inexpensive way to start seeds. The GardenWeb frugal gardening forum also has regular posts of seed sales throughout the country.

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    We have a few Ace stores around. I never thought to go into one and check out the seed selection. Thanks for the tip on the frugal gardening forum.

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    Great deals, thanks.

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    No problem. Thanks for commenting Jackie.

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    Love these ideas. I also share seeds with other gardeners - cheapest yet because it's free. Woot!

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    Thanks, Shawna. You are right. Sharing seeds is the cheapest way to go about it.

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    Thanks for the tips MBT! I'll definitely check these places out for seeds.

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    No prob. Hope you are able to find something you want to grow.

  • I have gardened many years , i am now 67... sometimes i buy the more expensive seed, depending on what i want ... but for two of my favorites ... watermelon and sweet corn, i buy the 20 cent packs from walmart or the Dollar store.... i have found them to be completely reliable.. the watermelon i grow is crimson sweet, its been around for ages, easy to grow, with just a little know how and utterly deliciously sweet ..... the sweet corn i grow is Golden Bantam . an heirloom variety ...... i grow hundreds of dollars of delicious watermelon, for a few bucks and the corn is excellent, plus, has two ears on each stalk.... Crimson Sweet watermelon is a good choice for the newbie or experienced gardener .... anyone interested in growing watermelon email mischiefman9@hotmail.com and i will walk you through it, step by step......i am from southern illinois ... mischief9

  • Oh, forgot to mention , as a young boy , probly 7 ... i sold American seed packets door to door, that came in a kit ...my first job ..... lol

  • .... my 2nd job was working at a tree nursery in Onarga, illinois ... this time i got a Social Security card .. i was 12 years old ... i made a whopping .80 cents an hour .... lol

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