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Chicago Going to the Birds with "Tweet Home Chicago"

The City of Chicago and its partners are inviting Chicagoans to participate in a bird house design and build competition. Tweet Home Chicago aims to raise awareness about the imporantance of birds and bird habitat in Chicago. Don’t let the overabundance of pigeons fool you, Chicago is home to 80 native bird species that nest here. During the... Read more »

Where to buy Cheap Garden Seeds.

If you’re looking to start your first garden or just expand what you currently grow trying the less expensive brands of seeds is a good way to start. One vegetable or flower seed pack is enough for gardeners with small spaces who just want to experiment. Yesterday I stopped by Walgreens and spotted the American... Read more »

"Spring is in the Air" at Macy's on State Street Flower Show

Macy’s “Spring is in the Air”  themed flower show on State Street is sure to lift your spirits. Below a photo gallery of today’s media preview where Da Mayor was in attendance to accept to accept a donation of 24 “Purple Prince” crabapple trees Macy’s and floral partner Green View are donating to the City... Read more »

Starting Garden Seeds Indoors Under Lights

Starting garden seeds indoors under lights doesn’t require special growlights. If you aren’t blessed with a greenhouse or south-facing windows in which to start seeds you can use ordinary 40-watt flourescent bulbs in the standard shoplight fixtures you find at the hardware store. While you can buy specialty “grow lights” and “plantlights” that are designed... Read more »

Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow from Seeds

Growing plants from seed is fun, rewarding and the easiest way to start a garden on the cheap. Growing from seed is easy and even the newest gardener can do it. Here is my recommendation for the Top 10 Easiest Plants to Grow from Seeds. All you need is a little bit of soil, sun... Read more »

Chicago Park District Day Camp Scholarships

A grant from Parkways Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the Chicago Park District, of over $200,000 will provide scholarships to eligible families for the popular summer day camp program. The six-week long sessions will be subsidized at a rate of 50% or 75% for eligble Children. To apply for a scholarship or learn more click... Read more »

"A Chemical Reaction" Screening at Columbia College Chicago

“A Chemical Reaction: The Story of a True Green Revolution,” will be screened at Columbia College Chicago on March 20. The critically acclaimed film questions many of the products and practices used to create and maintain lawns. According to a press release for the screening 78 million U.S households use home and garden pesticides. This... Read more »

Garden Hits and Misses at Chicago Flower and Garden Show

Today was the last day of the Chicago Flower and Garden Show and the themed concept was a hit, and a miss in some respects. Personally, I’m a big fan of garden themes. A themed garden can be fun, interesting and a good opportunity to teach and engage other people about your garden. Last year... Read more »

Chicago Botanic Garden's Garden Photo Contest

The Chicago Botanic Garden is holding a garden photo contest for amateur photographers. Amateur photographers are encouraged to enter one photo taken on the 385 acres of the Chicago Botanic Garden between April 1 through June 21, 2010. Photos will be featured on their website which is seen by close to a million people each yearand... Read more »

Chicago Flower and Garden Show: Marketplace

The Chicago Flower and Garden Show this year is filled with inspiration for gardeners who like themed gardens, but it also hold some special shopping opportunities for us urban gardeners and people who garden in small spaces and lovers of unusual plants.  The D. Landreth Seed Company: creators the African-American Heritage Collection of vegetable garden seeds has a large... Read more »