Azaleas, Camellias and Cyclamen in bloom at Garfield Park Conservatory

Pink Hyacinths blooming at Garfield Park Conservatory.png
It may be winter outside but you couldn’t tell by the colorful blooms under glass at the Garfield Park Conservatory. 

These pictures were taken this past Saturday during “Sweet Saturdays” at the conservatory on Chicago’s West Side. The next, and final, “Sweet Saturday” is on February 13, 2010 from 11-4PM. Take the family for the demonstrations and flowers or pick up some last minute gifts for Valentine’s Day. Check out the photo gallery below for more photographs of blooms.


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  • Sometime you should do a post about all the work that goes into a show like this at the Conservatory. The azaleas are kept in the greenhouses and are carefully tended throughout the year by volunteers. Fading plants are switched out as needed throughout a show. There are several "backstage" greenhouses that are used for production and maintenance of plants for the public areas.

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    Funny you should mention that. I've been trying to concoct a plan that would get me backstage access at the GPC for that very reason. Haven't found the angle, yet. I was talking to someone whose name escapes me at the moment who was telling me about the work that goes for the show. I saw the potted plants going in when I was there in January and thought it was pretty cool how they make everything look so finished.

  • By the way, the pics are taking a really long time to load.

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    Thanks for bringing that up. Chicago Now's servers must be experiencing a heavy load or something because I noticed this earlier and thought it was just me. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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    I love camellias! Was enthralled to find them everywhere in England. Brits were amused I didn't know what they were--just like Californians were with me and eucalyptus trees. I guess it's like asking for an ID on a dandelion, LOL!

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    I've wanted to grow one since the late 90s but never got the courage up to grow one because I've read they don't do so well indoors. One day when I'm rich and have a large greenhouse I'm getting me several of the double blooming form.

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    Ahhh. . . gorgeous - I feel spring fever coming on. I can imagine how sweet it must smell in there!

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    The scent was like working in a chocolate factory. They had a lot of activities for kids the whole place smelled of cocoa. It was awesome, if you like the smell.

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