Burpee Home Gardens aims for Twitpic Gardeners

On a beautiful summer day a happy young woman walks through her lush garden with a basket in her hand. While surveying the paradise that she’s created for herself she notices that her tomato plants are crowded with delicious red tomatoes. The look of contentment on her face turns to sheer joy at the sight of her bounty. She does what every gardener does before harvesting a crop, she snaps a picture of it with her smart phone and uploads it the internet, no doubt to Facebook or Twitpic, with the caption “from MY garden!”

This scene is from a commercial posted on the internet that will be airing this spring to support the Burpee Home Gardens product line. “Isn’t it great? It will be airing across the country,” said Erica Zipp, Account Executive at Bader Rutter the marketing agency responsible for the commercial, when I spoke to her today. Indeed, the commercial struck a cord with me even though probably a couple of years older and far less affluent (if the size of the garden in this commercial is any indication) than the target audience. As a garden blogger I’m regularly taking photos of what I’m most proud of in my garden and uploading them to the internet. 

Filmed at the gardens of the Ball Horticultural Company in West
Chicago, IL., the commercial is part of a marketing campaign that will
include social media to introduce Burpee to a “new, younger, more
casual gardening audience.” The commercial reminds me of several
products I saw at the Independent Garden Center Show in 2009 that were
created to appeal to this casual gardener by simultaneously
demystifying gardening and framing a garden as an object to be proud
of. Lately I’ve been wondering if this casual gardener does indeed
exist or is just a figment of the garden marketer imagination. After
this commercial airs if I start seeing non-garden bloggers sharing
Twitpics of backyard tomatoes I’ll have my answer. I wonder if W. Atlee
Burpee were alive today; would he follow me back on Twitter?

was founded in Philadelphia in 1876 by W. Atlee Burpee at the age of 18
with a $1000.00 loan from his mother. Today, Burpee is owned by George
Ball Jr., and is probably better known as a seed company to older and
established gardeners. Last year the Burpee Home Gardens line was
available in the Gulf States and the Mid-Atlantic regions. The complete
line, more than 100 varieties, of Burpee Home Gardens plants will be
available at retailers across the country this year.


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  • The commercial is on Burpee's website, here. As 28 year old couples, we'd say it was... all right.

    Definitely better than nothing, though.

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    Hi Rob,


    Thanks for posting the link.

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