Winter Garden Interest at Chicago's Lurie Garden

Chicagos Lurie Garden at Millennium Park in winter 2009 .png

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A well-designed garden looks interesting year-round. My own garden has no “designer,” it is just a collection of plants and flowers I like, and in the winter there isn’t much to look at. I’m hoping to change this flaw by visiting gardens this winter and copying some of the design elements. The winter garden interest at Chicago’s Lurie Garden has really blown me away this fall and winter. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to visit the garden after the first snowfall in Chicago with GardenFaerie, a regular commenter here and fellow garden blogger from Michigan. I also visited the Chicago Model City exhibit at the Chicago Architecture Foundation to see  Chicago’s largest parks from a different perspective. Here’s a photo gallery of some of what I saw.

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  • Or you can always use the design services of your blogging friend who has a garden full of winter interest :-)

  • In reply to carolyngail:

    Carolyn, You're such a good designer I don't think I could afford you. :0)

  • In reply to carolyngail:

    I love how are photos are the same, and different! Your view of 11 turned out way better than mine, and I love your 9 shot... which I didn't even see IRL! The northern sea aost are a fav of mine, and I hope mine go to seed next year!

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    It looked better before it go put into this gallery thing on the blog. I think I'm not going to use it any longer for displaying pictures because it messes up the quality. BTW, I just went to your blog to see if you had posted your pics of the garden and thought my screen was broken when I saw the snow. LOL.

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:

    Very nice photos. Winter really shows off how well Lurie is designed. It truly is a garden beautiful in all seasons. I hope to get down there to see it sometime during the winter. Unfortunately the interview, the weather, and the low front tire on my car all conspired against me.

    What the photos don't show is how c-c-cold and windy it was Wednesday(!) (Hope you were dressed VERY warmly!) Brrrr! You three are all very hardy souls.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:


    You know the garden didn't seem that cold on the day we visited. Seemed to be a few degrees warmer than surrounding area, perhaps the effects of a microclimate? It didn't get nasty until it was time for them to catch the train when the snow hit. Now that was something horrible. :0)

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