Amaryllis Bulb Kits:Gifts for Gardeners

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Amaryllis bulb kits are a great gift idea for the gardener on your shopping list this holiday season.  The bulb kits can be found in retail settings like; home improvement stores, the floral section of your local grocery chain, big box stores and garden centers across Chicago.  With prices starting at $4.99, they make great last-minutes hostess gifts or grab bag items for office workers. The kits come with a pot (usually plastic for the lower-priced kits), a bulb and growing medium.

All the gardener that receives this gift needs to do it plant the bulb, water it and provide sunlight, warmth and a spectacular bloom will emerge within a few days to a couple of weeks. After the bloom has faded it is cut off and the plant is kept watered and warm over the winter months, in the spring you can plant the bulbs in your container garden or in your garden beds and prepare them for the next blooming cycle.

Since the work involved in getting the Amaryllis bulbs in these kits to bloom has been taken care of by the commercial grower, they are almost foolproof plants that gardeners of all skill levels can make bloom at least once. With so many hybrids available Amaryllis bulbs can keep the interest of a gardener for years. Make Amaryllis bulb kits a gift you give this year. Below is a gallery of some of the Amaryllis bulbs in my collection. Related post: Bulb by Anna Pavord.


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  • The after Christmas clearances are the best! BTW, last year at the Chicago Flower & Garden Show some Dutch sellers were selling some awesome hybrids, the ones that look like spiders. They weren't that bad, like 8 bucks a bulb.

  • I can keep them alive for years, but have never had one rebloom yet. They sprout their strappy leaves quickly after I start watering them in early November, and that's as far as they go. I have one I'm trying again, but no sign of a bloom stalk yet.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    They're heavy feeders. In the spring I feed them with the general purpose garden fertilizer instead of a houseplant fertilizer, to make sure they rebloom.

    Good luck with the current one. Was it a kit? Which one did the kit promise?

  • Love the Apple Blossom one.

  • In reply to carolyngail:

    Apple Bloosom and Minerva are two of my faves. I like the newish hybrids with the crazy blooms too, but like these two the most.

  • In reply to carolyngail:

    I managed not to kill my bulb over the summer... so far it just has one leaf and no stem, but we'll see! They usually mark down amaryllis bulbs right before Xmas and then they bloom by Valentine's Day, which is A-OK with me! In fact, I need blooms in Feb. way more than in December...

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