Weekend Gardening Chores

Like always I’m waiting until it is really late in the season to start on my fall gardening chores. This weekend I plan to tackle several of them and get them out of the way. Today I’m bringing in my houseplants that are still outside, if you live in an outlying suburb of Chicago there is a frost warning, get your houseplants in before they are killed by the frost.

The last of my peppers have been harvested today and with great sadness I’ve tossed the plants in the compost pile even though many of them are trying to set fruit and grow new leaves. Times like this that I wish I had a greenhouse or more precious window space.

I’m going to cut down the dead and drying foliage around the garden and pick up leaves and debris to cut down on the chances of harboring diseases and pests over the winter.The weather for Tuesday doesn’t look too bad so I’ll probably use that day to get a couple of perennials in the ground. I’ll fill in the holes with the soil from my container gardens.


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  • We actually had frost right here by the lake this morning. Outdoor plants, in. Check. Pulled the last of the tomatoes, check. Brought in all the ceramics, check. Dug, lined and edged an entire new pond? Check. Where's the linament. (I was able to save one of the bell peppers, which was in a pot, and had tons of pepper pups-- it's in my dining room and I hope will still yield a coupla fruits.)

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    Did you really? It doesn't looks like I got any on the west side. I left out a couple of plants that are still fine, so it looks like they weren't touched by frost. Now that I've gathered my tools, I'm going to attempt to leave the house and do some planting in the garden. That is if I can log off Facebook and Twitter.

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    I've had so much time on my hands because Facebook borked my account-- haven't been able to get on in 11 days. This is probably why I had time to put in a pond!

  • In reply to naxn:

    Haha. You know these past two days that I managed to tear myself away from the internet I realized how much easier it would've been had I found the strength to do so and clean up the garden when the weather was warm.

  • In reply to naxn:

    I have a huge bowl of green tomatoes I'm looking forward to getting creative with, and a big bowl of peppers I picked today too, and the last of the lettuce. I barely got all the tender plants inside this morning before the guys showed up to finish the patio and sidewalk work. It's finally, finally done. . . hooray! I have a lot of mess to clean up in the garden. . . piles of clay soil the contractors dug up that I have to figure out what to do with. They were so careful though, at least none of my plants are being smothered. Some of the mess might have to wait until spring. Anyone need some heavy clay soil? ;) I could probably make pottery out of it!

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    I'm jealous that you still have tomatoes. :)I hear you about the clay soil, nothing worse that trying to dig up cold wet clay soil to plant something in.

  • Hi Ana,

    Get a friend to help you move it in. Bribe them with pizza. :0)

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