Help Stop Hinsdale's Land Grab in Your Forest Preserve


Today the the Cook County Forest Preserve District Board voted to continue negotiations with the Village of Hinsdale. Here is how they voted according to the Clout St blog on the Chicago Tribune website.

For continuing negotiations (9): Elizabeth Gorman, R-Orland Park; Gregg Goslin, R-Glenview; Joseph Mario Moreno, D-Chicago; Joan Patricia Murphy, D-Crestwood; Tony Peraica, R-Riverside; Edwin Reyes, D-Chicago; Timothy Schneider, R-Streamwood; Deborah Sims, D-Chicago; Robert Steele, D-Chicago.

To end negotiations (4): Jerry Butler, D-Chicago; Earlean Collins, D-Chicago; John Daley, D-Chicago; Bridget Gainer, D-Chicago.

Voting present (1): William Beavers, D-Chicago.

Absent (3): Forrest Claypool, D-Chicago; Peter Silvestri, R-Elmwood Park; Larry Suffredin, D-Evanston.

The Village of Hinsdale is attempting to turn 26 acres of Bemis Woods Southinto a village park for its own large-scale recreation events, festivals and concerts.
Instead of planning or buying land so its residents can have parties on
the Village of Hinsdale is trying to control open space that belongs to
the public. Eight out of twelve Forest Preserve District of Cook County
Commissioners have approved negotiating the terms of this land grab by
the Village of Hinsdale.

If you don’t like the idea of open
space that belongs to all of us becoming the grounds for parties for a
select few please contact the FPDCC Commissioners by email or telephone
and tell them to vote “NO” on the Hinsdale proposal.
When communicating with the Cook County Commissioners OpendLands suggests stating the following reasons to your opposition:

Beyond Bemis Woods, this unprecedented violation would open up all of our preserves to a flood of municipalities that would rather carve up natural areas for their own purposes than plan and purchase park space.

Section 2-5-4A of the District’s land policy ordinance prohibits Hinsdale from controlling and managing the preserves for park district or municipal uses, contrary to the District’s mission.

Additionally, if the forest preserve land is used inappropriately, we will ultimately have less open space for our communities.

When I emailed I had to copy/paste each email address individually. To save you some time you can copy/paste the following email accounts and just send out one email.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

There is also a rally scheduled before the next FPDCC Board of Commissioners meeting, at 9:15 a.m., Wednesday, October 7th at City Hall Room 567 121 North LaSalle Street Chicago, IL 60602


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  • Wow. . . this sure got my adrenaline going this morning. I'm on it! I'll be sending emails to Open Lands' entire list as soon as I finish this comment. Thanks so much for posting this.

  • Done! Thanks again for raising awareness on this issue. Time is short, since the Forest Preserve District's next meeting is tomorrow. I hope many more of your readers get involved by sending emails to the commissioners and/or attending the rally.

  • In reply to ssgardengirl:

    Thanks for sending the email and I too hope many more people are doing the same.

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