Container Garden Spider Check

Spider webs on container gardening.png

Over the weekend as I was emptying out my container gardens and placing the containers underneath the stairs for the winter I got a few surprises. I know spiders are beneficial insects to have in the garden, but I can’t help be creeped out by spiders. As I was putting the pots away I kept finding spiders crawling on my hands ( fortunately, I was wearing gloves) and arms. In my garden spiders have a tendency of laying eggs or overwintering under the rims of pots, even though they have the whole yard to do this in.

If you suffer from Arachnophobia, have kids or pets you’re worried will get bitten by spiders– remember to clean up your garden pots this fall and brush away any spider webs and egg sacs, if you don’t want an unpleasant surprises in the spring.

On the subject of container gardens; I came across video by the University of Illinois Extension, with some helpful tips on overwintering plants in containers.


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  • Hey. . .it's Nancy! She's the educator for our local extension office, and is also the Master Gardener coordinator - a very nice lady, I might add!

    I don't often find spiders or egg cases in or on containers, but they're all over the house now, especially under the eves and between the screens and windows. Spiders don't creep me out, as long as they're not crawling on me. I mind them less though, than earwigs and slugs. Yesterday as I was cleaning up some of our construction mess, earwigs kept dropping on me, either from an arborvitae hedge or from maple boughs above where I was working. They were driving me to distraction. I felt one in my hair, and kept shaking them off my sweatshirt. With all the rain and cool weather we're having, slugs are all over everything. Every time I do anything in the garden, I end up with slugs on me. I hate their slime! Ugh!

  • I wouldn't mind them if they were just around the spots you mentioned. They always seem to want to locate themselves in spots I have to touch, like the rim of garden pots. They have a whole yard and neighborhood at their disposal, don't know why they have to choose that little spot under the rim to live or leave eggs!

    I'm remembering your slug story from earlier in the year and getting creeped out. :0)

  • Yah...this time of year I have spiders falling from the ceiling of my house, of my car, doing's kind of wierd. But the only think I have found in my pots is some hybernating tree frogs-

  • In reply to GartenGrl:

    Tree frogs? That sounds cool. Don't have any frogs in my garden.

  • In reply to GartenGrl:

    Tree frogs are really cool--small and colorful with suction-cup like hands to attach themselves to trees. We have gray and green tree frogs here in MI. I like spiders. Though I always find them in my bathtub. It freaked out a recent roommate, but I'm cool with them. I just take them outside. I saw a daddy long legs in the garden today. It's extra cool. Um, if one is manly about spiders. Which, well, I am. Mice and rats don't freak me either. Nor do (little) snakes. I do freak out with some dogs and that snapper turtle. And I'm not good with dealing with dead animals like a poor female cardinal that died flying into my window. Sigh. (Um, sorry!)

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