Garden Center Tree Buying Tips by U of I Extension

I came across this video by the U of I Extension of horticulturist Greg Stack giving a quick guide to selecting trees at a garden center to plant this fall in your garden or landscape. The highlights:

Thinking about how big the tree will grow, will it obstruct utility wires?

Does the tree flower & will it produce fruit? Will that fruit be a nuisance?

Does it make sense to buy balled and burlapped trees or go with the less expensive smaller and potted trees. 


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  • Driving home from work down Hibbard Road yesterday I noticed that the garden center at Hibbard and Hill in Winnetka appears to be having a going out of business sale. (signs aver "incredible savings" and "fantastic prizes" I assume they mean prices).

  • In reply to naxn:

    You should stop in and see what the "fantastic prizes" are. I'm really curious now that you mentioned it.

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