Da Bears, Da Birds, Dirt Weed & Fresh Food Stamps

A Marijuana plant was spotted growing in a parkway in Rogers Park. This
summer I was asked by a neighbor to grow Marijuana plants for her in my garden. I
surprised myself when it took me a few moments to say no. I blame it on the recession. A couple of
days later I attended a BBQ and in the yard next door there were
several plants growing out in the open, I’ve spotted them in a many places this year.

Dez Clark, tight end for the Chicago Bears, thinks the sod at Soldier
Field is “terrible”
and has had his feelings hurt by opponents who make
fun of them playing on a “cow pasture.” Ha, ha, seriously? Now that he’s out for
the season I would welcome him here if he’d like to blog about lawn
care. Teabaggers, U2 and Bears fans have strong opinions on who is to blame for the sod at Soldier Field in the comments of this post.

The family of Walter Payton wants to erect a statue of him at Soldier
. The Chicago Park District is against the idea because the
stadium is a meant to honor military veterans. I agree. How about a
statue in the green space across the street of the Walter Payton Liver
Center at the University of Illinois Medical Center? That green space
doesn’t get utilized enough by visitors, IMO.

The farmers market at 61st and Blackstone Ave. will double the value of
Food Stamps
to draw people in. I love this idea, certainly better than
people selling them at the grocery store for 50 cents on the dollar, or
corner stores using the LINK card like a freaking ATM.

PETA has awarded Aqua Tower an award because its form follows “compassion”  in its bird friendly design and Chicago is #1 in green buildings.


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  • In Michigan, it's legal to grow mary jane to sell for medical uses. (You just have to be certified). I was actually seriously considering it. A friend of a friend grows it in her garden, mixed right in with all her other flowers and whatnot!

  • In reply to gardenfaerie:


    I didn't know it was legal to grow in Michigan. You should become certified to grow it next year. If it was legal in Illinois...

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