Choosing Lawn Fertilizers

Came across another helpful video by the University of Illinois Extension that talks about winterizing your lawn to prepare it for next year. It focuses on choosing the right lawn fertilizer for late summer early fall.

When it says that organic lawn fertilizers are “lower in analysis” than “commercial chemical-type fertilizers” it is referring to the three numbers you find listed on fertilizers. The three numbers represent Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. During the video you see packaging of three lawn fertilizers that read; “9-0-0,” “8-16-8” and “3-1-5,” those are the analysis of the fertilizer.  
One last thing, Richard Hentschel, the host of the video, mentions that you want a fertilizer lower in Nitrogen and high in Potassium to build strong roots. The reason you want a low Nitrogen level is because Nitrogen is the nutrient plants need for green growth. In the fall and winter when plants are slowing down, or going dormant, you don’t want to encourage green growth.

The same applies to houseplants, that are not active growers during the winter months. One of the mistakes I made when I was first growing houseplants way fertilizing with a fertilizer that was high in Nitrogen during the winter when the plants were slowing down putting out green growth.

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