Chicagoland Gardening Magazine ISO Young Gardeners

Are you interested in gardening and under 35? If you found an Ed Hardy t-shirt in your closet would you throw it in a compost bin before ever wearing it?* Do you and your friends use around buzzwords like “sustainability?”

If you answered yes, then ChicagoLand Gardening magazine wants to talk to you. They’re conducting a 35 and Under Garden Focus Group to help direct the magazine and garden dialogue in Chicagoland. You’ll discuss edible gardening, ecology, sustainability, environmentalism.

When: Saturday, October 17, 2009. A second meeting takes place in April of 2010.

Time: 9:30 a.m to noon.

Location: Chicagoland Magazine’s Office. 915 Parkview BLVD., Lombard, IL 60148 (near I-355 and I-88)

To volunteer for the Garden Focus Group send an Email with your Name, Town and Phone number to or call 630-963-8010. You’ll be sent home with advance copies of the magazine for review and a decorative fall chrysanthemum as a gift.

*If you wear Ed Hardy while you farm your backyard or balcony I’m sure they’d still take you.


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  • Why do you feel old? Don't tell me you are older than 35 'cause I won't believe it. Although, this focus group is making me realize that in four years my opinion will be irrelevant. So, I'm making it my personal mission to express my thoughts on any and everything under the sun while I still can before someone yells; "Shut up and sit down grandpa!!"

  • Get out. Michael Jackson was black? I would have guessed you were in your mid twenties.

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